It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yet, even if things are going splendidly, it never hurts to have a couple of convenient concoctions during the festive season. Here are five potions we wish we had during Christmastime.

Pepperup Potion – for the inevitable cold

Feeling sneezy with a nose leakier than a faulty cauldron bottom? Well, it’s no surprise really when the weather is as miserable and gloomy as this (if you live in the UK, especially) and a brand-new bug lurks around every corner.

Yet, there’s no need to suffer or let it spoil your Christmas Day – not when you could have a healthy dose of Pepperup Potion. Yes, it might make you smoke at the ears. And yes, if you happen to have red hair like the Weasleys your head might appear to be on fire. But it’ll be worth it, trust us. Especially as it works instantly – finally a cure for the common cold!

Felix Felicis – make sure your Christmas day goes without a hitch

Christmas brings its own… unique set of challenges. There are multiple moving parts from buying everybody the perfect Christmas present to preparing a fabulous festive feast to ensuring that nobody gets in yet another row with that one capricious uncle. (Remember, it could be worse: it could be Uncle Vernon.)

Sometimes circumstances just seem to conspire against you. Despite having planned for months – sometimes things can still fall apart. The turkey’s not defrosted enough. You’ve just smashed another wine glass. You’re behind on wrapping presents and you can’t find the scissors anywhere. This is when you could do with a bottle of Felix Felicis, also known as ‘liquid luck’. Just take a swig of this potion and prepare to have a Christmas that runs smoother than the voice of Celestina Warbeck. Every present will go down a storm, the dinner will be the best you’ve ever had, and that troublesome uncle will be nothing but a witty delight: bliss.

Felix Felicis Fact File Image felix-felicis_2_1800x1248

Draught of Peace – for all the socialising at this time of year

The festive period, for many, is the time for visiting our nearest and dearest, but honestly, this endeavour can take its toll. The endless small talk and catching up can be rather overwhelming for those who are on the introverted side. But what’s the solution? You don’t want to hide away for the entirety of Christmas, and you haven’t got the time to fully recharge between constant back-to-back social events. You could try a Babbling Beverage, which makes the drinker more verbose than normal.

Or if you just want a bit of calm, try the Draught of Peace. This useful concoction will soothe your nerves, calm the agitation and ensure that you are totally zen for the busy season. Though, one slight warning. If you are too heavy-handed with some of the ingredients, you may end up a tad too relaxed… and by that we mean in a heavy and sometimes irreversible sleep. Slightly more extreme than that post-turkey languor.

Harry and Ron left out at the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire

Veritaserum – find out who stole the last roast potato

Roast potatoes are the backbone of Christmas. They alone have the power to elevate a Christmas dinner from drab to fab. Yet if someone were to steal the last one? Scandal! Outrage! Just not the done thing! That’s where a vial of Veritaserum would come in handy. You could slip it into your suspect’s drink and get them to admit to their heinous crime without the need for an intervention. That wouldn’t be the only festive use for this handy potion. Why not find out who had you for Secret Santa? Or use it to uncover the juiciest family secrets whilst everyone is gathered together. Or just put a few drops in your dad’s cuppa and find out whether he really did like that new pair of socks you got him for Christmas… The possibilities are endless.

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Forgetfulness Potion – well, to forget

Did you divulge a home truth during a tipsy Christmas dinner you’d rather everyone forget? No problem! Just get everyone in the family to take a sip of Forgetfulness Potion. Fancy getting double the amount of presents? Sneak some of this in mum’s coffee, and she’ll forget that she already gave you your goodies! Did your significant other accidentally find their presents you got them? Douse them with this pronto and they’ll be back in blissful ignorance. This potion could be the multi-purpose solution for so many Yuletide irks. Just remember to make some good memories as well as erasing some!