As we change through the seasons, this group of talented artists found magic in ordinary things you can find around your house. Take a look at their inspired, unconventional creations and download templates so you can make your own.

All of the artists featured below are also included in Harry Potter Film's Instagram Reels. If you're old enough, check out all the creations there and share them if you felt inspired!

John Marshall - Silhouette Art (@sunsetselfies)

First up, John has made genuine magic happen with this Buckbeak sunset selfie. Using cardboard cut outs and clever photography, John has portrayed the much-loved Hippogriff in a whole new light.

You can download John's Buckbeak cut-out here if you want to try it at home yourself.

Vincent Bal - Shadow Art (@vincent_bal)

We love this Autumnal piece from artist Vincent Bal, who has cleverly used shadows to create extra seasonal detail with his cartoony Harry Potter portrait.

Download Vincent's handy guides to create your own here & here.


Or watch the whole video creation here.

Andrea Davenport - Pebble Art (@littleretromarket)

Andrea has added a bit of rock n' roll to her interpretation of Hogwarts - by painting it on pebbles! See how she did it and download her guide here to try your own.

Pippa Dyrlaga - Paper Art Tea Lights (@@bearfollowscat)

Paper artist Pippa has created these gorgeous paper tea light covers portraying Hogwarts surrounded by bats and pumpkins with an ethereal glow.

Download Pippa's printable guides here to make the full piece at home.

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Hazel Zakariya - Food Art (@hazelzakariya)

This beautiful, floral Hedwig homage is actually on top of a smoothie! Hazel, who specialises in mixing her love of art with her love of food, has expertly crafted everyone's favourite owl on top of a healthy concoction. And the result is absolutely hoot-iful!


Here's Hazel's guide on how she did it.

So, there you have it. Plenty of seasonal artwork to be inspired by as the nights start drawing in. If you're old enough, keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more Wizarding World goodies.

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