The Magical Mischief weekly art challenge has been happening throughout March, with fans following the themes of: Ron Weasley, Magical Objects and Spells & Potions so far. This week, fans will be tasked with creating pieces around the Marauder's Map, and next week, the epitome of Magical Mischief: Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

Take a look at some of the amazing creations that have been submitted so far. You can find our artists' Instagram handles by simply hovering over these slideshows.

Theme: Ron Weasley

From hand-drawn creations to paper artistry, check out these interpretations of our favourite red-haired ragamuffin.

Theme: Magical Objects

From sketched Snitches to a rather animated foray in the invisibility cloak, check out this talented bunch bringing some of our favourite magical objects to life.

Theme: Spells & Potions

Certain spells and potions can be incredibly useful for a witch or wizard. Here's some interpretations of some of the most iconic.

And there you have it... for now. HarryPotterFilm will be championing your artistry throughout the rest of Magical Mischief month (or 'March' as some like to call it) on Instagram. Make sure to check in every Saturday to check out the next theme - and see if your own creations can make the list!