With some familiar faces, a few recognisable names and lots of highly intriguing characters, Hogwarts Legacy has introduced us to an entirely new group of students and teachers. Here’s who’s who, based on what we know so far – although, with a game as complex as this, we’re sure there’s more to discover.

The old familiars

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1890s, which is a good 100 years before the Hogwarts that Harry and his friends knew. And yet, there are a few characters you might recognise…

Professor Binns

Look out for Harry’s ghostly History of Magic teacher. The story given in Philosopher’s Stone was that Professor Binns “had been very old indeed when he had fallen asleep in front of the staff-room fire and got up next morning to teach, leaving his body behind him…”

Given he also seems to be a ghost in Hogwarts Legacy, we can’t help but wonder when Professor Binns was actually alive – but we suppose having a History of Magic teacher who’d seemingly lived through the entirety of history might be useful.

Phineas Nigellus Black

According to Sirius Black, his great-great-grandfather Phineas was Hogwarts’ least popular Headmaster. We’ll see just how right Sirius was, because guess who was Headmaster in the 1890s? Yes, it was Phineas. In the Harry Potter series we often encountered Phineas Nigellus in portrait form, usually when he was moaning to Dumbledore about the students. Now it’s time to see what he was like during his lifetime.

The Fat Lady

The much-loved guardian of Gryffindor Common Room was popular with students during Harry’s time, so we’re very happy her portrait was already a fixture during the 1890s.

Nearly Headless Nick

Gryffindor’s House Ghost was also around back in the 1890s, which is less surprising because we know Nearly Headless Nick – or Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, to give him his full title – died in 1492. That’s a long time to be hanging around a draughty castle. How many of Hogwarts’ secrets do you think he knows?


Hogwarts’ resident poltergeist has also been around a long old time, and it certainly seems his 1890s self is as chaotic as ever.

The Sorting Hat

Hogwarts wouldn’t be Hogwarts without the Sorting Hat, so obviously it was there back in the 1800s.

Two students stirring a cauldron in Potions

The ‘wait a minute, could that be…?’ names

On top of those immediately recognisable characters, a few well-known names also pop up on the Hogwarts Legacy register. Distant relations, do we think?

Professor Matilda Weasley

Hogwarts’ Transfiguration teacher and Deputy Headmistress Professor Weasley once worked as a curse breaker for the Ministry of Magic. If, as we assume, she is an ancestor of Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley, then this is a profession she shares with one of her great (-great-great – we’re not sure exactly how many) grandsons, because Ron’s oldest brother Bill was also a curse breaker.

Garreth Weasley

A fifth-year Gryffindor student, Garreth is the nephew of Professor Matilda Weasley. Apparently, however, he devotes more time to experimenting with his own range of magical drinks and relaxing on the Hogwarts school grounds, rather than focusing on his studies. Funny, he sounds like another couple of Weasleys we know…

Leander Prewett

Speaking of Weasleys, you may also come across fifth-year Gryffindor Leander Prewett. Prewett was Ron’s mum Molly Weasley’s surname before she got married, so perhaps there’s yet another Weasley relation to be discovered…

Ominis Gaunt

As another descendant of Salazar Slytherin it’s not surprising that fifth-year student Ominis Gaunt is in that very Hogwarts house. We recognise his surname because it’s the same as a certain Marvolo Gaunt’s. Yes, that’s Voldemort’s grandfather. So, like his aunt Noctua, Ominis is an ancestor of Harry Potter’s arch-enemy. He also shares Voldemort’s ability to understand Parseltongue, but not – apparently – his penchant for Dark Magic.

Noctua Gaunt

You may well uncover some of Ominis’ Aunt Noctua’s letters – which shed a lot of light on her family’s ancestor Salazar Slytherin – in the Scriptorium. Noctua is, of course, also related to Hogwarts’ pure-blood obsessed Slytherin house founder, but unlike some of her descendants, it seems she shares her nephew Ominis’ disapproval of relying on the Dark Arts.

Eldritch Diggory

If you’re in Hufflepuff you may well come across Eldritch’s portrait. Is he an ancestor of Triwizard champion and Hufflepuff favourite, Cedric Diggory? We think that’s very possible.

Gerbold Ollivander

Given that Ollivanders was established in Hogsmeade in 382 BC, it’s not surprising that there’s an Ollivander selling wands to Hogwarts Legacy students. We’re not sure of the exact relationship between Gerbold and Garrick – the Ollivadner who supplied Harry Potter’s wand years later – but there must be one. Ravenclaws may also come across Gerbold as part of Professor Fig’s quest to find missing pages for his book.

Professor Charles Rookwood

A former Hogwarts Professor – and potentially a relation of Viktor Rookwood – Charles is one of four Keepers whose Pensieve reveals the story of student Isidora Morganach.

Silvanus Selwyn

A leader of the Ashwinders, Selwyn’s name is familiar because there was a Death Eater called Selwyn in Voldemort’s time – and also because a certain Professor Dolores Umbridge once said she was related to a pure-blood family called the Selwyns. Silvanus Selwyn is one of several Infamous Foes; defeat him to earn a high-value reward.

Ailsa Travers

Ailsa Travers is also an Infamous Foe who shares a surname with one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Could she be an ancestor of the man who once tried to stop Hermione from entering Gringotts, when she was disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange?


Characters to watch out for

Sebastian Sallow

A Slytherin student with an affinity for the Dark Arts, Sebastian comes from a family with a mysterious secret. He’s also not afraid of casting Unforgivable Curses, and might even teach you how to do it yourself, if you’re willing…

Anne Sallow

Sebastian’s twin sister, Anne, suffers from a mysterious and debilitating illness that her brother believes can only be cured by Dark Magic. She is one of Ominis Gaunt’s best friends but the pain she lives with means she can no longer attend Hogwarts, so she lives at home with her uncle Solomon.

Solomon Sallow

Anne and Sebastian’s uncle Solomon is not happy about his nephew’s attempts to find a cure for Anne, at any costs. He disagrees with Sebastian’s methods, but Sebastian will stop at nothing to help his sister.

Professor Eleazar Fig

At first we thought Eleazar Fig might be related to Harry’s Squib neighbour, Arabella Figg, but the spelling is different so there goes that theory. And interestingly, that’s exactly what Professor Fig teaches. Magical Theory wasn’t a subject on offer during Harry’s time at Hogwarts, so we’re looking forward to finding out what it’s all about. Apparently he’s one of the greatest allies you’ll come across in Hogwarts Legacy, so watch out for him.

Professor Dina Hecat

She’s rumoured to have spent most of her pre-Hogwarts Ministry of Magic career working in the Department of Mysteries, but now Professor Dina Hecat is the school’s Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher – and there may be more to her story than meets the eye.

Professor Percival Rackham

Professor Rackham can see traces of ancient magic, as you will also be able to. He’s also exceptionally skilled at Divination.

Professor Aesop Sharp

In a former life this Potions professor was an Auror, before an injury persuaded him to leave the Ministry of Magic – he’s definitely not someone who’d be happy just pushing parchment around.

Samantha Dale

A fifth-year Ravenclaw student, Samantha is a descendent of a famed Herbologist called Marmaduke Gilbertus Dale. She also has an impulsive brother called William, who likes to try and prove her wrong whenever he can – an impulse which has been known to get him into trouble.

Adelaide Oakes

Fifth-year Hufflepuff Adelaide was raised by her uncle Rowland Oakes after the death of her father.

Rowland Oakes

An adventurer and metal trader who often works with goblins, Rowland has mysteriously disappeared – to the concern of his niece Adelaide.

Natsai “Natty” Onai

A fifth-year Gryffindor student who grew up in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, Natsai transferred from Uagadou – the largest wizarding school in the world – to Hogwarts when her mother joined the teaching staff. She can use magic without a wand, but likes the fair of implementing wandwork into magic-casting.

Poppy Sweeting

A compassionate Hufflepuff student, Poppy loves all magical creatures and apparently has a particular dislike for poachers and all those who work with them.


One of the main antagonists, goblin Ranrok is leading a rebellion with help from a group of Dark Wizards including Viktor Rookwood. He has also influenced a group of goblins known as Loyalists to join him in his bid to overthrow wizards, but there are also numerous goblins who are actively working against him.

Viktor Rookwood

In Harry’s time, Augustus Rookwood was one of Voldemort's Death Eaters, a spy who originally worked in the Department of Mysteries and was later imprisoned in Azkaban before breaking out and returning to join his master. We suspect Viktor Rookwood was one of his ancestors, and it sounds like he was just as sinister. Viktor’s an ally of goblin rebellion leader Ranrok and leads a faction of dark witches and wizards called the Ashwinders, after the snake-like creature born from magical fire.

Theophilus Harlow

A key member of Viktor Rookwood’s Ashwinders gang – essentially his second-in-command.

Gwendolyn Zhou

Leader of the Ashwinders, Viktor Rookwood’s gang of dark witches and wizards. Gwendolyn is also one of several Infamous Foes, who can be defeated for high-value rewards.

The rest of the new kids on the block

OK, they’re not all kids and, yes, we suppose we can’t call them ‘new’ if they were around in the 1890s, but we’re excited to meet the rest of the Hogwarts Legacy characters – students, teachers, house-elves, goblins and everyone else. Read on for our roll-call…


A goblin trader living near the Black Lake in Lower Hogsfield.

Professor San Bakar

San Bakar was once Professor of Beasts at Hogwarts and is one of four Keepers whose Pensieve reveals the story of student Isidora Morganach.

Evangeline Bardsley

A Hogwarts student who enjoys playing practical jokes on the headmaster, Professor Black.

The Bickle family

Archie Bickle – a young boy living in Lower Hogsfield with his mother, Johanna – has gone missing, possibly after witnessing his father’s murder at the hands of Theophilus Harlow. Can you help find him?

Cressida Blume

A fifth-year Gryffindor student known for casting spells and charms that frequently backfire, you might come across Cressida in the Hogwarts library for an interesting little side-quest.

Lucan Brattleby

Gryffindor’s combat specialist, you’ll find Lucan Brattleby at the supposedly secret Crossed Wands Duelling Club (which the teachers definitely know about.)

Betty Bugbrooke

Betty can be found in Hogsmeade’s village circle, fretting about a unicorn called Hazel. If you can help locate Hazel, Betty would be happy for you to take care of the unicorn in your own private vivarium.

Everett Clopton

A Ravenclaw student who loves a prank, Everett is voiced by Hogwarts film alumni Luke Youngblood. Harry Potter fans might know Luke also played Lee Jordan in the films – another character who liked a prank, if we recall.

Agnes Coffey

Owner of a Niffler called Rococo, Agnes needs help rescuing her pet from Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Astoria Crickett

A fourth-year Hogwarts student who you’ discover paid thieves to move Ferdinand Octavius Pratt’s portrait from Hogsmeades’ Three Broomsticks pub to an unknown coastal location.


House-elf Deek lives and works at Hogwarts and – just as Dobby did for Harry many years later – he introduces new students to the Room of Requirement.


A centaur who helps Poppy Sweeting locate some Golden Snidgets.

Crispin Dunne

A friend of local resident Mary Portman, who is trapped inside her Aranshire cottage.


Another Hogwarts house-elf, Gryffindors will be directed to Feenky by none other than Nearly Headless Nick. Feenky’s gift of rotting roast beef is key to getting inside the Hogsmeade graveyard. You know, if you want to.

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald

A former Hogwarts Professor and one of four Keepers whose Pensieve reveals the story of student Isidora Morganach.

Sophronia Franklin

A third-year student who can’t wait to learn the Depulso spell. Maybe you can teach her?

Professor Mirabel Garlick

Herbology Professor Mirabel Garlick grew up in London in a household full of Muggles, and never really felt at home until she found herself at Hogwarts.


A goblin whose beloved Mooncalf, Biscuit, has been snatched by poachers. Will you help him?

Beatrice Green

The proprietor of the Dogweed and Deathcap plant store in Hogsmeade.

Catrin Haggarty

A villain and petty thief involved with the Ashwinders – the name given to Viktor Rookwood’s gang of dark witches and wizards. Catrin is one of several Infamous Foes, a high-level target to defeat.

Padraic Haggarty

Catrin’s brother, a shopkeeper, believes his sister knows the whereabouts of a lost family heirloom.

Professor Bai Howin

Bai Howin is Hogwarts’ Beasts and Magical Creatures Professor. She has a healthy respect for magical features, but ultimately sees them as useful resources for wizard kind.

Richard Jackdaw

A Hogwarts ghost in search of his own skeletal remains, Richard Jackdaw is on hand to help guide you through the Forbidden Forest. He also plays a key part in unlocking certain aspects of Hogwarts Legacy’s overarching mystery. So keep an eye out for Richard…

Madam Chiyo Kogawa

Madam Kogawa is Hogwarts’ Flying professor. She previously worked for the Japanese Ministry of Magic, where she met Professor Matilda Weasley, who approached her about joining Hogwarts’ staff.

Fatimah Lawang

Fatimah lives in Keenbridge, way down south in the Hogwarts Valley. She’s a tricky customer of Potioneer Parry Pippin, and Parry might just ask for your help in delivering a selection of Invisibility Potions Fatimah has been waiting for.


A retired goblin metal trader, Lodgok is a kind and thoughtful goblin who used to follow Ranrok but is now unhappy about Ranrok’s rebellious plans.

Marianne Moffett

Miss Moffett is a Diricawl-loving witch who might ask you to help her locate one of these dodo-like birds. The Diricawl in question is called Gwyneira, and she can only be rescued if you have both a nab-sack and the Disillusionment Charm under your belt.

Gladwin Moon

Hogwarts’ caretaker has been plagued by Demiguise statues, which some practical joker has been planting all over the castle grounds. Can you help him uncover who – and why?

Isidora Morganach

A former protege of Professor Percival Packham, Isidora once tried to harness the power of ancient magic, but went too far. What happened to her? Perhaps you’ll find out…

Zenobia Noke

A young Ravenclaw student who might send you off on a Gobstones-related quest…

Nellie Oggspire

A Gryffindor student with information about the Daedalian Keys. What are they, we hear you ask? You’d better ask Nellie…

Professor Onai

Hogwarts Divination teacher. She used to teach at Uagadou, the largest wizarding school in the world, before joining Hogwarts, bringing her daughter Natsai or “Natty” with her.

George Osric

A Ministry of Magic employee concerned about the rising threat of the goblin rebellion.

Ellie Peck

Proprietor of Brood & Peck, a shop in Hogsmeade that sells beast by-products.

Mahendra Pehlwaan

This Muggle-born Ravenclaw student hates breaking rules.

Grace Pinch-Smedley

Grace is a fourth-year Slytherin who wants to locate her family’s long-lost astrolabe. It’s a much-valued Pinch-Smedley heirloom and Grace suspects it’s the bottom of the Black Lake – a lake she cannot enter. Can you retrieve it for her?

Parry Pippin

Owner of J.Pippin’s Potions shop in Hogsmeade, Parry Pippin might send you off on a long-distance Side Quest.

Arthur Plummly

A cheerful Hufflepuff fifth-year, Arthur loves creatures of all kinds and has a complete lack of interest in anything competitive.

Mary Portman

Mary has been imprisoned in her cottage in the hamlet of Aranshire by spider-like Thornbacks, and needs rescuing.

Ferdinand Octavius Pratt

A conceited and flamboyant wizard whose portrait hangs in the Hogwarts Library and Hogsmeade’s Three Broomsticks pub.

Imelda Reyes

Slytherin’s Quidditch captain.

Alexandra Ricketts

A witch living near Lower Hogsfield, Alexandra’s attempt to domesticate a troll in order to defend her small hamlet has backfired enormously – and now she needs help.

Nerida Roberts

A student and member of Hogwarts’ duelling club, Nerida also aspires to become the Ministry of Magic’s first liaison to the merpeople – a role that does not yet exist. And there’s another problem with this ambition of hers: Nerida can’t swim.

Professor Abraham Ronen

Hogwarts Charms’ professor is jovial, light-hearted, and very much enjoys a game of Gobstones – it’s said he met his wife during an especially lively Gobstones tournament.

Sirona Ryan

Proprietress of Hogsmeade’s much-loved Three Broomsticks inn. Sirona is well-liked, quick-witted and very protective of her customers.

Madam Scribner

Hogwarts’ librarian. Wonder if she’s as scary as the librarian Harry Potter knew, Madam Pince?


Scrope is a house-elf belonging to the Black family (and yes, we mean Black family as in Sirius Black.) If you’re in Slytherin, you may well come across him as you search for missing pages for Professor Fig.

Professor Satyavati Shah

Hogwarts’ Astronomy teacher Professor Shah was raised by Muggles, and has a keen interest in the sciences.

Dorothy Sprottle

A friend of Three Broomsticks proprietress Sirona Ryan, Dorothy is in need of some horklumps to use for her Wiggenweld Potion. Are you up to the job?

Amit Thakkar

Ravenclaw Amit wants to be a famous wizarding historian, loves stargazing, and is always keen to help out a friend in need.

Helen Thistlewood

Ex-Auror Helen is the niece of Eldritch Diggory, whose portrait hangs in the Hufflepuff Common Room.

Sacharissa Tugwood

A Hufflepuff student who has apparently discovered a cure for acne – but she needs to retrieve some bubotuber pus to make it.

Althea Twiddle

A witch from Irondale who lost her husband, Greville, because he was obsessed with locating twenty mysteriously vicious vases. Yes, vases. Maybe you’ll succeed where he failed?

Albie Weekes

Owner of Spintwitches, a Quidditch and sports supply shop in Hogsmeade.

Clementine Willardsey

A witch who has discovered a mysterious flock of butterflies hovering near the Forbidden Forest, and wants to know what they’re guarding.


Additional names to watch out for

Look out for these characters in various Side Quests:

  • Edgar Adley
  • Ackley Barnes
  • Claire Beaumont
  • Alfred Lawley
  • Hyacinth Olivier
  • Nora Treadmill

These poor witches and wizards have somehow got on the wrong side of Viktor Rookwood and Theophilus Harlow...

  • Otto Dibble
  • Agabus Philbert
  • Daisy Rabe
  • Isko Rabe

Will history repeat itself? Listen out for these names, mentioned in Professor Binns' History of Magic class:

  • Eargit the Ugly
  • A goblin artisan called Bragger the Boastful – an ancestor of Ranrok
  • Grimbald Weft
  • Sir Affpuddle the waving knight

Watch out for these other Infamous Foes, who are all high-level targets. Vanquish them for high-value rewards...

  • The Absconder
  • Alexandra's Troll
  • Bardoplph Beaumont's corpse
  • Belgruff the Bludgeoner
  • Dunstan Trinity
  • Grodbik
  • The Insatiable Spider
  • Lord of the Manor
  • Ogbert the Odd
  • Pergit
  • Quagmire Troll
  • Rampant Dugbog
  • The Riparian Troll
  • Tempeste Thorne
  • The White Wold

Other members of the Crossed Wands Duelling Club:

  • Constance Dagworth
  • Hector Jenkins

Other Hogsmeade residents and shop owners:

  • Thomas Brown of Tomes and Scrolls
  • Augustus Hill of Gladrags Wizardwear
  • Calliope Snelling of Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium
  • Timothy Teasdale of The Magic Neep

PlayStation Exclusive Hogsmeade quest-ers:

  • Cassandra Mason, a witch who runs the haunted Hogsmeade shop
  • Fastidio
  • Penny