We come across so many wonderful creatures in the Fantastic Beasts films, but if you had to take care of one what would it be? We’ve had a think and made some decisions based on your personality.

If you want to get rich quick… you'd take care of a Niffler

Nifflers are obviously incredibly cute and are also known to be gentle and affectionate, but what really sets these creatures apart is their talent when it comes to all things shiny. Nifflers are brilliant when it comes to seeking out valuable objects – in fact goblins often keep them for that reason alone. Therefore, if you’re a bit strapped for cash, or have always just dreamed of finding buried treasure, then these black, fluffy and long-snouted creatures are the ones for you. Though just to warn you, they may be tiny but they’re also highly destructive. You would definitely find yourself having to replace the furnishings in your house on a regular basis… though with the number of glittery objects your Niffler would be bringing home we’re sure you would be able to afford it.

If you are adaptable… you’d look after an Occamy

Occamies are rather beautiful and interesting – with their serpentine forms, wings and lovely colouring, but there is so much more to them that you initially see. They are what is known in the wizarding world as choranaptyxic. This means that they shrink or grow to fit the available space – like when one escaped from Newt’s case and grew to fill an entire attic before shrinking to fit inside a teapot. We think an Occamy would be a rather good fit for you if you have a talent for adapting to any situation that you find yourself in. As somebody who is flexible, we reckon you know when to be the life of the party and dominate the room but can also keep quiet and fade into the background when necessary. Your ability to understand change is why you’re a good candidate for looking after one of these fantastic beasts.

If you love an adrenaline rush… you’d look after a Kelpie

There’s nothing that can compare to the rush you get from exciting or even scary situations – like when you’re at the very top of a rollercoaster waiting for it to drop, or you’re watching the latest horror film, or if you’re really fearless and doing something like skydiving. If you’re someone who loves to get their heart racing, then we would recommend that you take care of a Kelpie. These British and Irish water demons – who often take the form of horses with a mane made of bulrushes – are incredibly dangerous and often lethal. They trick their unsuspecting victims to climb into the water and onto their backs, then drag them down to the bottom of the river or lake and consume them. Yet, as Newt proved these beasts can be controlled. All it takes is placing a bridle over their heads with a Placement Charm and then they might not kill you. As someone who is unafraid of a challenge and relishes frightening situations, we think you would get a kick out of taking care of one of these thrilling beasts.

If you like to keep a low profile… you'd look after a Demiguise

If you’re an introvert whose worst nightmare is to be the centre of attention you could learn a lot from a Demiguise. These graceful ape-like creatures have a particular knack for making themselves invisible when threatened – so they really know how to fly under the radar. Their valuable pelts have even been used to make invisibility cloaks. As someone who understands the desire to run and hide when you find yourself in an awkward or uncomfortable situation, we think that you could easily empathise with them. While they’re not particularly known for bonding with humans, your shy nature might make you one of the better candidates for being a custodian of one of these peaceful creatures.

If you seem sweet but have a scary side… you’d look after a Matagot

Do people often look at you and (incorrectly) think that butter wouldn’t melt? Is your edgier and angrier side often overlooked? Are you perfectly friendly until provoked? Then you have a lot in common with a Matagot. These guardians of the French Ministry of Magic might look like tame housecats – but don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance. If threatened, these moggies turn into huge wildcats – with glowing eyes, razor sharp teeth and menacing claws. They also multiply, so you can quickly find yourself going from cooing over a cute kitty to being cornered by lots of ferocious beasts. But as someone who understands what it is like to have two distinct sides to your personality, we think you would be able to take on one of these impressive creatures.

If you want to forget your worries… you’d look after a Swooping Evil

Swooping Evils might not be the cuddliest of beasts… what with their habit of sucking out brains, but they do have their uses. These bat-like creatures, with their bright colouring and spiky wings, can help rid you of memories you’d rather forget. You would just have to learn how to dilute their venom correctly and then your bad, painful or embarrassing memories would be a thing of the past. So, if you managed to fall flat on your face in front of everyone, accidentally called your teacher ‘mum’, have a habit of overthinking things or just want to rid yourself of the memories that cause your nightmares, then a Swooping Evil is the creature for you… just don’t let them get too close to your head.