Last week, to celebrate our launch of Wizarding World Gold, we invited subscribers to our first, once-in-lifetime Gold event, involving a certain celebrity guest.

Down at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, the atmosphere became decidedly festive, with a selection of fans attending a very special event: our very own Christmas party. This first-of-its-kind gathering, exclusively put on for Wizarding World Gold subscribers who registered, treated its visitors to all manner of festive cheer, complete with dressing-up, games, and a surprise appearance from a familiar face.

Take a look at all the highlights here.

Yes, that is indeed Warwick Davis you see. The actor, who portrayed both Professor Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films, turned up to surprise the guests at the start of the evening. Suffice to say, everyone was rather charmed by his presence! Charmed! Because he played the Charms professor, you see? Oh, never mind.

Guests were treated to dinner in the Great Hall, followed by games with Warwick Davis and drinks at platform nine and three-quarters. You know, as you do. And we applaud our guests for their amazing efforts in the fancy-dress department too.

Thanks to all the guests that attended, we raise our goblets to you. Here’s to the next Wizarding World Gold soiree!

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