A new range of Wizarding World-inspired face coverings will be available starting this summer.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered with several different licensees to introduce face coverings that will feature beloved characters and iconic imagery from the Harry Potter series.

Designed for fans of all ages, these family-friendly face coverings are adorned with various Wizarding World prints, showcasing everything from wands to Hogwarts house pride. As we continue to practise social distancing all over the world, these designs may be particularly beneficial for children, helping them feel more comfortable and normalising their experience.


In addition, the purchase of Wizarding World-themed face coverings will directly support those in need of assistance. Our partners involved in the creation of the coverings have committed to making a variety of donations to charities actively supporting first responders, underserved communities and others impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

We hope this sprinkle of magic helps to bring a little familiarity and joy to Wizarding World fans.

More information about how to purchase the new face coverings range will be coming soon.

Images from Trevco and Zazzle.