1 September is a huge day in the Wizarding World calendar: the day the Hogwarts students return for a new term. So, how did we celebrate this year?

At King’s Cross Station...

Here in London, the usual array of revelries took place at King’s Cross Station – with hundreds of fans gathering to countdown until the Hogwarts Express’s leaving time, 11 o’ clock.

And that wasn’t the only thing going on. But first, let's take a moment to appreciate these outstanding outfits.

BTH 2019

Music, a magic beyond all we do here

The day kicked off with a stirring performance from the very talented Queens College Oxford Choir, who sang songs from the Harry Potter film soundtracks to get us in the mood. And naturally, the choir came dressed in their favourite Hogwarts house colours too. Take a look.

A little hat-trick from us

We were also on hand to offer our Back to Hogwarts contribution – with a specially created, floating Sorting Hat. Professor Flitwick would be deeply impressed.

In case you missed the news, this is because we’ll soon be launching a newly reimagined Sorting Ceremony online and in our upcoming app!

BTH 2019 Sorting Experience and fan

A hello from LEGO

Hogwarts Expresses aside, 1 September is also the day that Harry took an alternative mode of transport to school – in the medium of a flying car, naturally.

To commemorate the iconic Chamber of Secrets scene, the LEGO Group brought an impressive, life-sized blue Ford Anglia to King’s Cross so fans could brush up on their acting skills and recreate the scene. Here's one impressive example...

B2H Ford Anglia 2019

Then there was the all-important countdown itself....

All aboard!

A wand dance from Cursed Child

With the countdown done, the performers from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child treated Londoners to a special wand dance at the station – as seen in the production. Well if there’s any reason to dance, it’s going back to Hogwarts, surely.

And we have to appreciate this nice touch

This amuses us every year.

Kings Cross train board


Of course, London was only one small microcosm of the Back to Hogwarts celebrations – with fans all around the world showing their love for the big day. Check the hashtag online to see some of the action.

Wizards Unite put on a special fan festival

Meanwhile, in Indianapolis, many peculiar Calamity-related incidents needed to be contained. Thankfully, the Statute of Secrecy Task Force were on-hand to calm the situation. We are, of course, talking about the Wizards Unite fan event, which took place at White River State Park during the weekend.

The event was unique, as this was the first time we were introduced to a new surprise in the augmented reality game... a scaly surprise, no less. Yes, we mean dragons. Thankfully, Wizards Unite fans arrived en masse to sort things out. Here's just one glance.

And there you have it.

Another Hogwarts term successfully underway. See you back in 2020 – where hopefully our Hogwarts letters will finally arrive... If not, you’ll bet we’ll be celebrating in our own special way.