Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter today revealed their spellbinding Ministry of Magic set. Exclusive to Tokyo, fans are invited to step into the full-size Ministry of Magic display for the first time ever when doors open to the public on 16th June.

Spanning over 900 square metres with 35ft tall walls, the Ministry of Magic was one of the biggest sets created for the Harry Potter films, requiring months to build and hundreds of extras to fill the space. For Studio Tour Tokyo's grand opening, this set has been lovingly re-built in Japan for visitors to come and see.


To commute to the Ministry of Magic, staff would travel in via telephone, lavatory, or the Floo Network using one of the enormous fireplaces, each standing at over nine feet tall. Visitors to the Studio Tour are invited to step into one of these fireplaces, just like a Ministry of Magic employee, and pose for photos and videos as smoke and lighting effects mimic the magical effect of Floo powder all around them.

The design of the Ministry was inspired by Victorian architecture and is covered with thousands of green and red tiles made of lacquered wood. During filming, the set was one of the most time-consuming and intricate to create, the number of hours needed to build a set the size and complexity of the London Ministry of Magic would take a single person over twenty years working non-stop to complete.

Fans will step into the set dressed for its appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One when Harry, Ron and Hermione take on the identities of Ministry workers in order to break in. The set is complete with the terrifying ‘Magic is Might’ statue, that was installed after the Death Eaters take over the Ministry of Magic and exemplifies their cruel view of Muggles.


This striking Ministry of Magic set will be a must-see stop for visitors, for sure.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo will open to the public on 16th June. Tickets are now available for visits up to 31st September and must be purchased in advance from www.wbstudiotour.jp.