From Riddikulus to Howlers, cake-dropping house-elves to Cornish pixies, this March, @HarryPotterFilm want to find the ultimate moment of magical mischief, as voted for by you.

March is Magical Mischief month, so here’s your first challenge as Magical Mischief makers. In an event almost as fraught as the Quidditch House Cup, fans will be voting for their favourite moments of magical silliness throughout March, via a series of Twitter polls.


The voting will be in rounds – Muggle Mishaps (March 3); Ron’s Wrongdoings (March 5); Classroom Capers (March 9); Disobedient Beasts (March 11), followed by the semifinals (March 16, March 18) and the championship (March 25).

The winning moment from each round will go through to the next stage until... there’ll be a final deciding vote between the two most mischievous choices!

Update: we're down to the last two contenders, so vote for your favourite to win the overall championship – Boggart Snape or Ron's Howler... The winner will be announced on 1st April!

Channel your inner Fred and George and make sure your favourite moment makes it to the final. Get voting in the final round – here for Twitter, here for Instagram stories or here for Facebook.