Play games, solve puzzles, learn all about the magic inside Hogwarts and even read (and listen!) to the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, all on our Starting Harry Potter hub, new for 2022.

This year marks 25 years since J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book was published – introducing several generations to Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts. But is there a young person in your life who has yet to discover the magic of the wizarding world? We have a fun digital treat for you and them this summer that is the perfect entry point.

Introducing, our new interactive space for children and parents, carers or teachers alike to enjoy all the elements of the first book in an enchanting new way.

If you are brand new to J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, this handy website will serve as your friendly guide on what to expect (complete with a checklist of everything you’ll need) and an opportunity to read the first chapter of the book online. Or, if you prefer, you can listen to the first chapter via the UK audiobook, as lovingly narrated by Stephen Fry.

The hub will have a selection of games to partake in, such as Remembrall Rush, where you can test your memory, or Trapdoor Trials, which will quiz you on a series of interesting conundrums. You can also design your very own Hogwarts crest or flip through our miniature interactive polls to impart your own thoughts on the wizarding world. Our snackable Harry Potter guides will help newcomers educate themselves swiftly, such as pronunciation guides (Hermione’s name used to get us too!) or fast-track summaries on Quidditch and the Hogwarts houses.

We’ll also have the usual slew of puzzles and quizzes to keep you on your toes too, alongside craft tutorials for all you budding creatives out there. Our friends, Bloomsbury and Scholastic, who publish Harry Potter in the UK and US respectively, have also contributed to the Starting Harry Potter hub, with an assortment of activities for you to try out with others. There will even be a section for fans to send in Harry Potter artwork for us (try it out here!) to display as proudly as a portrait on a Hogwarts wall.

Worried your wizarding world knowledge isn’t tip-top yet? Never fear, our Discover section will give you a potted (mind the pun) history of key characters, spells, objects or location syou encounter in the first book. Then you can play our challenges to your heart’s content.

We don’t just have the hub for you to enjoy, either. To celebrate Starting Harry Potter, the first Harry Potter audiobook is available to stream free on Alexa from Audible in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, beginning on July 1st and through August 15th by saying: “Alexa, read Harry Potter Book One.”

So, there you have it. And to all you Harry Potter experts out there who are the sort to get 112% on a Charms exam, we won’t blame you if you fancy starting the Harry Potter books from the very beginning too and visiting our hub also. It is the 25th anniversary, after all!

Visit today for a bewitching interactive experience. Maybe Muggle technology isn’t so bad after all. And if you want to submit any artwork, please do! Right here.

While you’re with us, you can register with the Harry Potter Fan Club today to get sorted into your Hogwarts house or discover other things about your wizarding identity. You can also download our Harry Potter Fan Club app, the perfect tool for wannabe wizards on the go.