Our new, free app is now here in the UK, Ireland and the US. Here’s your first peek at what to expect.

Well, we did promise. Last month, we announced an official Wizarding World app, testing out in New Zealand. Since then, the app has rolled out in Canada and Australia, and now it’s live in the UK, Ireland and the US. Hello, if you’re joining us!

The app features news and content you may have seen on Pottermore, but is brimming with all sorts of new magic too. Imagine if we could cast Reducio on our website content so you could pack it neatly into our phones. As well as traditional news, features and quizzes, the app is a more interactive way to enjoy the Wizarding World. Especially with our newly reimagined Sorting Ceremony coming soon...

The app is also full of secret codes to unlock (if you know where to look), polls to try out (where you can find out if fellow house members share your opinions), and a range of video clips, quotes, trivia cards and more to discover. We’ll also have the Wizarding Weekly (because we adore alliteration) – a new feature with a regular Wizarding World theme to dive into every Wednesday. More on that later.

And that’s just the beginning of the surprises we have in store. But why not check out the app now to see how we’re doing so far? Remember to get your Wizarding Passport to gain access.

The Wizarding World app is available from App Store and Google Play in selected territories.