The new personalised journal, Keys and Curios, which you can now get hold of if you pre-order Wizarding World Gold, is bound with a very special cover helmed by the graphic design team, MinaLima. Read on to learn more about Gold, and the story behind Keys and Curios’ cover.

Keys and Curios is the title of our new Wizarding World Gold journal, a personalised experience lovingly bound together with special covers from MinaLima. The graphic design team, headed by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, worked on making the journals extra special with these Hogwarts-house themed looks. You can take a look at them right here.

As you can see, this special journal, which comes to those who pre-order Wizarding World Gold, is filled with little surprises both inside and out. It’s also designed to co-ordinate with our Wizarding World app, where you’ll be able to scan the pages for some extra magical goodness.

To celebrate the Keys and Curios unveiling, we spoke to the MinaLima team to discuss the joys of designing book covers. After all, watch any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts film, and you’re guaranteed to spot some of MinaLima’s previous work in a scene, be it a book cover, a poster or a front page of a wizarding newspaper. So how was it working on this unique project?

‘Whenever we’re invited to do anything for the Wizarding World, it always feels like we’ve come home,’ MinaLima told us.

‘And the work we did for the fiction, which could be absolutely anything, informed some of the decisions when it comes to designing things for the real world. I guess one similar moment that springs to mind is designing the screenplay to Fantastic Beasts, which was almost coming full circle.’

When it came to the team crafting the front of Keys and Curios, you’ll notice from the covers that there’s an astronomical theme to them, along with some graphic elements that depict the passing of time. For example, eagle-eyed fans may spot a nod to the Time-Turner, which is subtly woven into the structure of the cover’s designs.

‘There’s this theme of time,’ Mira noted. ‘[The journal] is capturing a year of your personal life. And it might be something you look on later. So, I think the element of time was important, rather than just being “a book”. So the little cheeky nod to putting in the text from the Time-Turner will hopefully resonate with people.’

The books also have a distinct space-y look to them, as well as little details associated with each Hogwarts house.

‘With some of the visual references, like the house crests, we’ve given them a slight constellation element, as if it’s something a little bit beyond the world we’re inhabiting now,’ the team explained. We’re sure Professor Trelawney would approve.

So, there you have it. If you’d like to read more about Wizarding World Gold, and pick up your very own personalised version of Keys and Curios, learn all about it right here.

And MinaLima fans will also be excited to learn that the Gold membership comes with another little treat coming soon: a 10% online discount to use at MinaLima’s shop (excluding premium prints and other non-mass produced products).

Again, pop by our about page to find out more, and watch this space to learn about future developments with Wizarding World Gold.