Hogwarts castle is laid bare in this new display from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Coming May 2023, dig deeper into the secrets of the famous wizarding school that makes the Harry Potter films so special.

Running from 2nd May to 4th September, fans visiting the Studio Tour can expect to get an even more thorough Hogwarts education this summer. The feature, named ‘Discovering Hogwarts’, will divulge behind-the-scenes movie secrets about how the labyrinthine castle came to life on screen.


During the feature, you will discover the secrets behind one of Harry’s first experiences of magic; Professor Flitwick’s Charms class. In a live demonstration, fans are invited to try their hand at Wingardium Leviosa and see how filmmaking techniques were used to bring the spell to life. Created using practical effects, rather than CGI, the magic was as simple as stringing a feather onto a fishing line. A technique described by Special Effects Supervisor, John Richardson, as ‘’going back to the silent movie era.”

For this feature, the extremely talented Special Effects Department will use a particular light effect to make the candles seem like they have real flickering flames and have been hung with over three miles of wire to give the illusion of floating.

Speaking of floating, the Discovering Hogwarts feature will also explain how Professor Flitwick’s Wingardium Leviosa scene came to be – and you will be privy to the filmmaking secrets that made this levitating charm really pop on screen. In this case, some trickery with a fishing line was involved!

Also, Hagrid fans will have a real treat to look forward to– the Discovering Hogwarts display boasts a live demonstration of how the effects team tackled the half-giant’s towering height – which involved the help of 6ft 10” rugby player Martin Bayfield, and quite an impressive prosthetic head.

So, if you fancy a few Hogwarts secrets, we think you’ll enjoy this one.

For further details about Studio Tour and tickets for this particular feature, do visit the official website.