Down in Leavesden, things are about to get considerably greener.

Remember in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, when Slytherin kept winning the House Cup over and over? Well, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London are harking back to those times with a Slytherin takeover, starting this April.

The Studio Tour, which displays the most iconic props, costumes and sets from the Harry Potter films, will soon be peppered with Slytherin twists in their new feature called A Celebration of Slytherin. For example, expect the Great Hall to be bathed in green, complete with Slytherin house banners, and displays ranging from Malfoy family costumes to the different looks of Lord Voldemort.

Visit the Slytherin common room for a homage to the scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where Ron’s Polyjuice Potion begins to wear off, which will be properly furnished and dressed with authentic props.

You will surely be green with envy to miss this.

Celebration of Slytherin begins Friday 3 April, ending 6 September. Find out all the details from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London website.