One year ago today - we were running to our games consoles and starting Hogwarts Legacy for the first time. Ever since, we've loved seeing your reactions to playing along with us. And, my, have you been busy. Here's some fun gameplay stats over the past 12 months!

Since launch, Hogwarts Legacy has been casting a spell on us in so many ways, with game-players discovering what kind of witching or wizarding life they truly want to lead at Hogwarts. You've discovered spells, you've brewed fabulous potions, you're the best dueller ever, you've unlocked secrets, you've got obsessed with side-quests and oh-so much more.

Take a look at some of these crazy numbers on all of your gameplay activity.

(And these have probably all gotten even bigger by the time of writing!)

877,481,826 potions made

There are a lot of budding Snapes among you! Approximately 877 million potions have been brewed up during your time playing Hogwarts Legacy so far. Save us a bit of Felix Felicis if there's some going spare?

5,252,741,694 Dark wizards killed

A wise man once said we are "as strong as we are united", and that's clearly the case here. Altogether, you have vanquished over 5 billion Dark wizards in the game. You're giving off Auror vibes and we love to see it.

783,164,104 stealth attacks


We all have different gameplay styles. Some of us... let's just say are more elegant than others. But it looks like there's a lot of secret ninjas among you out there. Over 700 million stealth attacks! That's Petrificus Totally cool.

425,187,457 Merlin Trials solved

Alright, clever clogs. Over 425 million of you clearly have a knack for lateral thinking - completely smashing the several Merlin Trials that crop up during the game. Which was your favourite?

1,385,967,010 plants harvested

We've all been rooting for you - and look how you've grown! While Herbology is perhaps not seen as one of the more glamorous of Hogwarts lessons (juicing Snargaluff Pods sounds like an extremely humbling activity) you are clearly a green-fingered bunch, harvesting over 1 billion plants across the past 12 months collectively. As you've learnt, plant growing is super important for your progress in Hogwarts Legacy, be it for brewing better potions or even using them as weapons! And we imagine the gentle art of nurturing magical greenery has made you more centred, peaceful people all round. (Apart from when you're chucking a Chinese Chomping Cabbage at somebody during a duel.)


2,990,821,595 instances of Ancient Magic used

In Hogwarts Legacy, our character taps into a deeper realm of power than we had previously seen before, engaging in the mysterious powers of Ancient Magic. And you lot love it! In the words of Niamh Fitzgerald, "a magic this powerful can do great harm in the wrong hands. It must be wielded by a select few" By becoming tuned into this long-forgotten magic, you have become more complex and powerful wizards and witches.

5,306,108,339 spiders vanquished

Somewhere in the future, Ron Weasley is smiling. You guys really don't like spiders, huh? Well, we can't blame you. We're something of an arachnophobe ourselves.

51,430,548 hours on a broom

Hogwarts Legacy offers us so many wizarding activities - but sometimes, all we want to do is just soar joyfully through the Scottish highlands. Just for 5 minutes. Or, you know, 51 million hours...

And for those of you favouring different modes of transport, such as a jaunt on a Graphorn, we reckon you spent about 973,000 hours doing that, give or take.


636,957,923 beasts captured

From plant-lovers to animal-lovers... you are a wholesome bunch! From Graphorns to colourful Nifflers, we've loved channeling our inner Hagrids and nurturing all of these fantastic beasts. There's nothing more soothing than just chilling with your pet Kneazle in the Vivarium, is there?

374,897,930 trolls killed

Much like a young Harry, Ron and Hermione, you also have a penchant for defeating trolls. 374 million, in fact. They really aren't that clever, are they?

And the most popular Hogwarts house so far is...

(Drum roll) Slytherin!! But only by a whisker. Yes, as part of Hogwarts Legacy, your Hogwarts house is a vital part of your magical journey - and we're thrilled to see Slytherin house thriving among our Hogwarts Legacy community. Party down at the dungeons, anybody?

PS: That's over 35 million houses discovered so far! That Sorting Hat is the hardest worker in the wizarding world!

And that's all only in one year. Where will the next 12 months take us, we wonder? But for now, let's celebrate Hogwarts Legacy's first anniversary in the best way possible: with a blooper reel.

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