Constant vigilance! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players around the world will need to protect the Wizarding World more than ever for #DarkArtsMonth

Even Mad-Eye Moody would need to have his wits about him this month, as sinister forces threaten Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Players will have access to exciting in-game events and activities throughout October, to celebrate the darkest time in the wizarding calendar. We’re pretty sure a night alone in the Forbidden Forest would be a breeze compared to what players will be faced with.

Putting our Professor McGonagall timetabling hat on, here’s a run-down of what’s in store in and around the game over the next few weeks…

From October 8th to 14th, players will need to have their defensive spells at the ready for the Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 1, a new quest featuring the spine-chilling Brilliant Death Eater and an Azkaban Escapee.

The October Community Day is on the 19th and players can expect more uncanny creatures including Vampire, Werewolf, and Doxy oddities appearing more frequently throughout the game.

From the 22nd to the 28th, players can undertake a new sinister quest featuring the Brilliant Sirius Black (1) and a Dementor.

On Hallowe’en itself, players can look forward to an exclusive quest. Harry, Ron and Hermione might have been faced with a twelve-foot mountain troll on this day in the stories, but Wizards Unite players can take on an exciting and exclusive Wizarding Challenge Fortress themed around the Dark Arts, as well as a quest with limited-time rewards.

(1) For anyone who may not have played Wizards Unite yet and is wondering, ‘Brilliant Foundables’ are rare objects, people, and creatures from the wizarding world that you won’t typically find on the Map, except during an event. These Foundables emit a glowing purple aura.

For more details on all this incredible activity, check out the game's latest blog post here.