The West End production of Cursed Child is about to welcome its third generation of actors to the play – including a brand-new Harry.

A new wave of actors will soon be joining the Cursed Child family, as the London-based production prepares to enter its third year in the West End this summer.

Jamie Ballard will be the latest actor to play Harry Potter, taking over from Jamie Glover. (Fun fact: all of the actors who have played Harry in Cursed Child so far have been called Jamie. Spooky.) As for the rest of the main cast, Susie Trayling will play Ginny, Samuel Blenkin, who portrayed Scorpius Malfoy, will be passing the baton to Jonathan Case, and Joe Idris-Roberts joins the production as Albus Potter, following on from Theo Ancient.

Some of the cast members from Cursed Child’s second year will be staying on for more Wizarding World action, including Rakie Ayola and Thomas Aldridge – who will continue on playing Hermione and Ron respectively. James Howard stays on as Draco Malfoy too, as does Helen Aluko, who plays Rose Granger-Weasley. The actors will join a 42-strong company, who play the rest of the characters.

The third West End cast are announced for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The new members of the cast will start performances at London’s Palace Theatre on 23 May 2018, while the current cast’s final performance will be on 20 May. And with a new cast comes a new slew of tickets! Yes, on 5 April, you can start snapping up tickets for next year’s shows – from 16 January 2019 to 7 April 2019, to be exact. So, if you’ve still not a chance to go, keep an eye on that date.

Meanwhile, over in America, Cursed Child on Broadway is fast approaching, with the play beginning previews this week on 16 March and officially opening at New York’s Lyric Theatre on 22 April. And in 2019, the play is coming in Melbourne, Australia too! Phew. So stay tuned for more Cursed Child news soon, there’s definitely plenty to look forward to.

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