Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is having a bumper week, as news broke about the fourth London cast going into rehearsals, San Francisco’s production released their tickets, and New York prepares to hit its one-year anniversary, with a new cast about to begin performances.

You’d need not one, not two, but four owls to send out all of this week’s Cursed Child news. Here’s your update on the show’s activities all over the globe.

London welcomes the fourth Cursed Child cast

At the Palace Theatre, London, the Cursed Child cast is gaining some new members. From 22 May, the current cast will be reshuffling a little, making way for some new wizards and witches. Hermione will be played by Michelle Gayle, while Rayxia Ojo and Dominic Short will be joining the company as Rose and Albus respectively.

Cursed Child London

Jamie Ballard (Harry Potter), Susie Trayling (Ginny Weasley), Thomas Aldridge (Ron Weasley), James Howard (Draco Malfoy) and Jonathan Case (Scorpius Malfoy) stay on, while the rest of the company has made a couple of new changes too. For more details on the new additions, check the official website.

Want to snap up tickets to see the new cast perform? A new block of tickets for performances until 19 Jan 2020 goes on sale 2 April. Again, pop by the official website.

Tickets for San Francisco’s production of Cursed Child go on sale

Meanwhile, the San Francisco production of Cursed Child (which will open at the Curran theatre in October this year) releases its first batch of tickets to the public today! These tickets are for performances from 23 October all the way to 17 May, 2020. Learn how to snap up some on the official website.

Cursed Child on Broadway to release special Friday 40 ticket release for one-year anniversary with an extra 100 tickets

Speaking of tickets, American Potter fans based on the East Coast will be pleased to hear that Cursed Child on Broadway is about to hit its one-year anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, along with a new cast, the production invites you all to take part in a special ‘Friday 140’ ticket release – meaning there will be 100 more discount tickets up for grabs than usual!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Lyric Theatre

The Friday 40, or in this case, Friday 140, tickets cost just $20 per part, so $40 in total. A right bargain. You can enter now, check out the website for more details, and best of luck. Be warned – entry closes at 1pm ET this Friday.

Oh, and Hamburg is also releasing tickets this month too!

On 25 March, get ready for Hamburg’s ticket burst too. Again, check the details on their official website.

Alright. That’s enough owls for one day. Stay tuned for more Cursed Child news very soon.

After all, in the words of a grumpy Draco Malfoy... ‘Harry Potter is always where the action is at’.