New versions of the second Harry Potter book, Chamber of Secrets, have been given special Hogwarts house-themed covers by Bloomsbury, to celebrate 20 years since its first publication

Following on from the house-themed makeovers of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone  last year, Bloomsbury are now releasing similarly styled versions of Chamber of Secrets to mark its 20th anniversary – the book was first published back in 1998, following on from the first book’s release in 1997.

To mark this milestone in style, Harry Potter publishers Bloomsbury will, once again, release four Hogwarts house-themed covers for the second book this June, complete with new artwork, house colours, and additional illustrations and content. Here’s a look at what to expect.


For those purchasing the books in hardback, expect your new copy of Chamber of Secrets to be adorned in your Hogwarts house colour of choice, be it Gryffindor red, Hufflepuff yellow, Ravenclaw blue or Slytherin green.

If you prefer a paperback, these versions come with a slick black cover with the artwork still celebrating your favourite house in style.

No matter which you choose, both hardback and paperback editions come with fun features on the inside, such as an illustration of your chosen house’s common room by artist Levi Pinfold, a written introduction to that house and a mini-feature on house-elves. After all, this was the book that brought Dobby into our lives, and no matter what house you’re in, we all love Dobby.

The new Hogwarts house-editions of Chamber of Secrets will be released on its 20th birthday, 28 June. If you fancy pre-ordering your copy now, check out the Bloomsbury website.

And if you’re after completing your house-themed set, you’ll be pleased to know that Bloomsbury will also be releasing the next five Harry Potter books in the same style in due course. Watch this space…