Faster than you can say Quidditch... a new Reebok collaboration with the Wizarding World has just dropped! This magical collection of activewear combines your love of Harry Potter with your sporty style.

This range is currently only available in the US. But watch this space!

This Reebok collection is inspired by the Wizarding World and takes you through Harry’s journey over his seven years at Hogwarts. The adult footwear starts with the Club C, inspired by Harry’s first days as a first-year, and ends with the Classic Leather, which highlights each of the Deathly Hallows relics.

More details regarding the footwear are available below.

Club C 85


The ultimate introduction to Hogwarts, this versatile Club C lets the wearer choose their house. Each pair comes with interchangeable laces and embroidered patches featuring crests and symbols from all four Hogwarts houses.

The inside tongue of these shoes contains one of our favourite Harry Potter quotes too: “It’s not Hogwarts with you, Hagrid.” Try not to cry while putting on your shoes!!

Available in unisex sizing.

Classic Leather Hexalite


This new Reebok silhouette, the Classic Leather Hexalite, is inspired by the Patronus Charm.

That iridescent blue smoke that you'll recognise from casting Expecto Patronum is perfectly encapsulated here with these glow-in-the-dark trainers, along with Harry's stag emblazoned on the tongue.

Available in unisex sizing.

Instapump Fury 95


A rather apt name for this next trainer, inspired by Lord Voldemort himself. This pair are adorned with the Dark Lord's famous sign, the Dark Mark, with references to Nagini and snake-like details.

Available in unisex sizing.

Classic Leather


The Dark Arts envelop this Classic Leather design which pays homage to the fabled Deathly Hallows, with subtle references to each of the three powerful artefacts.

The Invisibility Cloak is appropriately hidden on the inside of the tongue while the metal lace lock resembles the Resurrection Stone. The Elder Wand is represented in the wood grain lace tips. Throughout the silhouette are hidden details revealing secrets that were only discovered through the search for the Deathly Hallows relics.

Available in unisex sizing.

Beyond the shoes, Reebok have also created some other pieces of sportswear for you to take a look at, if you're looking to up your gym game in the new year (you never know, you might just make the Quidditch team one day!) - take a look at the whole suite on the Reebok website.