EXPECTO PATRONUM... this brand new stag Patronus Funko Pop! won’t hang around, so head to Wizarding World’s online shop now for your chance to own it...

UPDATE: This product is now sold out, but never fear, there'll be more Wizarding World-themed Funko Pop! news soon. Hermione and Ron have just about mastered their Patronus Charms...

Harry’s Patronus Funko Pop! is here! Want to be in with a chance of owning one? Just head over to Harry Potter Shop here.

Please remember that before you can complete a purchase of Harry’s Patronus Funko Pop! you must follow these simple steps:

FIRST: Make sure you’ve signed up for a Wizarding Passport here;

SECOND: Once you have a Wizarding Passport, make sure you’re logged in here;

ALOHAMORA: That’s it! Head over to Harry Potter Shop and you’ll be in with a chance to purchase your own stag Patronus Funko Pop! now available, while stocks last.

Already purchased Harry’s Patronus Funko Pop!? Keep reading for some exciting news about new Patronus figures coming soon…

This is the first time fans can pick up Harry's stag Patronus as a Funko Pop! figure, and to celebrate the special occasion, there’s a limited supply of these special pre-release versions for fans of the Wizarding World. This special figure portraying Harry’s stag Patronus is a pre-release exclusive, which you can only pick up from Wizarding World's online shop, while stocks last.

We promised you more Patronus news and here it is… We can reveal today that two more Patronus Funko Pop! figures will be available soon from Wizarding World’s online shop: Hermione’s otter and Ron’s Jack Russell terrier.

Watch this space for more news about how you can collect a Patronus Funko Pop! belonging to each member of the golden trio.

For now, summon your happiest memory and celebrate the arrival of the stag Patronus Funko Pop! figure at Harry Potter Shop.