Natalie Dormer will be reading the new audiobook, Harry Potter: A History of Magic. Here she is to explain more.

She’s caused ripples onscreen in Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games, and now Natalie Dormer is joining the Wizarding World, teaching us all about the history of magic – she’s certainly a more exciting teacher than Professor Binns.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic is an original non-fiction audiobook that reveals hidden stories from real-world magic and how some of its ancient objects, manuscripts and spells influenced the Harry Potter stories.

Watch Natalie talk about her involvement right here.

We’re very excited that Natalie is leading us on an audio journey through history and all over the world. From European runes to Chinese oracle bones, crystal balls and broomsticks to giants and werewolves, the audiobook brings to life a multitude of artefacts – the very stuff of magic and mythic tradition.

You’ll hear about: handy charms to make yourself invisible and even how to turn yourself into a lion, the centuries-old fascination with the philosopher’s stone and Nicolas Flamel, as well as reading palms and pulling mandrakes. It is structured according to the subjects taught at Hogwarts – from Potions to Defence Against the Dark Arts – and also sheds light on the development of the Harry Potter series thanks to a dive into J.K. Rowling’s own archive as well as those of her publishers.

The audiobook publication on 4 October coincides with the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition (which originated at London’s British Library last year) opening in the US, at the New-York Historical Society. But, it includes a host of original interview material curated especially for this production, from a stellar array of contributors.

As well as Natalie, the audiobook features exclusive interviews with a few people who know a thing or two about the Wizarding World, such as Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, who famously read the audiobooks for the US and UK editions of the Harry Potter books. The audiobook also contains fascinating contributions from Harry Potter illustrators Jim Kay and Olivia Lomenech Gill talking about their interpretations of the wizarding world, and curators from the US and UK legs of the exhibition, who explain all about the featured artefacts.

So, if you can’t make the exhibition yourself or if you, like Hermione, have a thirst for knowledge, Natalie Dormer is now on hand to teach you all about the history of real-world magic and more.

The pre-order for the audiobook of Harry Potter: A History of Magic is now on Audible. Click to order in the US and the UK.