Published on Sep 17th 2019

Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – designers of the graphic universe of the Harry Potter films – have created a capsule collection of five wallpapers featuring iconic designs from the film series.

This is an exceptional opportunity to sort out that room with the peeling wallpaper that’s been bothering you.

Let’s take a look at the designs.

You can almost imagine yourself in conversation with Sirius Black standing in front of this rich and ornate tapestry design of the noble Black family tree. It features some of the most infamous characters from the wizarding world and really creates a mood.

From the infamous to the mischievous, this wallpaper featuring details from the Marauder's Map will be great for getting lost in its intricate blueprints of Hogwarts. Note: it’s not supposed to be carried around with you.

If it’s a strong geometric black and white feel you’re after, then this Daily Prophet collage wallpaper will keep you engrossed in the wizarding news of the film series, from the reports of ‘undesirable’ Harry Potter, to the famous headline about Dumbledore – ‘Daft or dangerous?’

If you’re struggling for shelf space at home, you might be interested in this wonderful medley of bewitching Hogwarts Library Book Covers designs...

... or there’s the playful baby blue and gold motifs of this Quidditch wallpaper.

You’re probably wondering how to go about stripping off all your wallpaper by now, so you’ll be pleased to know the MinaLima wallpaper collection is available internationally, exclusively through and House of MinaLima shops in London and Osaka from Wednesday 18 September 2019.