Today, LEGO have announced a new set and a new enchanting AR experience celebrating Diagon Alley - with a little help from James and Oliver Phelps!

Harry Potter fans are used to magic bricks... just think of what happens when Hagrid taps the wall to get into Diagon Alley!

And speaking of Diagon Alley...

Today, LEGO has found a way to invite you into the famous wizarding shopping district with some innovative magic of their own: introducing Through the Bricks. The team have created a digital Diagon Alley through animated AR, with fully fleshed out versions of all of your favourite shops, including Ollivanders, Quality Quidditch Supplies and Flourish and Blotts.

Using a smartphone or a scannable QR code, you are invited into this LEGO version of Diagon Alley to explore, and you’ll even be greeted by a little LEGO Fred and George to show you around.


This is all to celebrate the release of their latest set – yes, you guessed it – the LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley set! At a mammoth 5,544 pieces, LEGO fans will be able to capture the true essence of the secret wizarding shopping district with the help of 14 minifigures (including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Diagon Alley regular, Florean Fortescue!) and more key locations, such as Quality Quidditch Supplies and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

So, to play LEGO: Through the Bricks, or learn more about the new Diagon Alley set, visit LEGO’s official website via your smartphone now. Scannable QR codes that take you into the experience will also be featured at select LEGO stores from 1st September, so you can pop into Diagon Alley on the go.

The Diagon Alley set is simply the latest Wizarding World release from LEGO this year, with other brilliant Harry Potter-themed play sets and minifigures unveiled earlier this summer.

You can also enjoy these animations of LEGO bringing some of those iconic Wizarding World moments to life, such as Harry’s foray with some liquid luck – and an awkward collision with a certain house-elf at Privet Drive. You can also play along with some activity sheets too, to properly get into the Back to Hogwarts mood - all here.

As Fred and George’s favourite map would say: Mischief Managed! For more information on LEGO and Harry Potter, visit their official website.