Earlier this year, we revealed the cover for this special edition of the first Harry Potter book, newly illustrated by design duo MinaLima. Now, we welcome you to take a look inside.

This exciting new edition of the book, which comes with special interactive paper craft features, immortalises many memorable moments from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, thanks to the talents of the MinaLima design team.

The team, fronted by artistic duo Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, have reimagined key moments from the first book that are guaranteed to get you all nostalgic. MinaLima are notable for their work across the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, designing iconic props, book covers, posters and much more.


The team spoke to us about the upcoming book, revealing how excited they were to get back to the ‘core’ of Harry Potter after having worked on Wizarding World projects for 20 years.


‘It’s been a real honour to be invited into this exclusive club of illustrators, and to do it and stay true to our style,’ they said.

MinaLima follow in the footsteps of Jim Kay, who has illustrated four of the seven Harry Potter books so far with his own distinctive flair.

‘I think the biggest challenge was trying to un-think working on the films. And re-think, in a very from-the-heart way, what we felt we could best do for the text. This was a lovely opportunity to be fresh, and think - what would a child really love to see?’


In this new illustrated offering, enjoy Dumbledore and Harry’s heart to heart set to a gorgeous stained-glass backdrop and take a moody glance at the Hut on the Rock where Harry first discovers he’s a wizard.

Expect this new edition to be oozing with creative interpretations of some of your favourite characters and settings.


‘I think the double-spread of the kids arriving at the castle with Hagrid and the full moon just felt... if we could get the magic right in there and get the magic right in the train, that would be the key to unlock the style and personality of the book,’ the team told us.

‘For us, it’s always about that. There’s also a few little easter eggs – and there’s one in that particular drawing.'


We’ll leave it to you all reading this to see if you can spot it!

The new edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (or Philosopher’s Stone in the UK) is coming 20 October 2020, published by Scholastic and Bloomsbury respectively.

To pre-order in the US, visit the Scholastic website, or the UK, either MinaLima or the Bloomsbury website.