Brand new writing by J.K. Rowling has revealed more information about the other schools of witchcraft and wizardry, and that the North American magical school’s name is Ilvermorny.

Actress Evanna Lynch has just left the stage at the Celebration of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando Resort, where she told thousands of Potter fans the good news.

Exclusive writing by J.K. Rowling on the Brazilian, Japanese and Ugandan schools was also unveiled at the event and is now available to read on Pottermore.

Oh my stars, there’s so much to say: we learned that Brazilian students at Castelobruxo are particularly adept at Herbology and Magizoology; Japanese witches and wizards at Mahoutokoro wear enchanted robes that change colour as their magical knowledge improves, and that the address ever given for Uagadou in Africa is ‘Mountains of the Moon.’ However, J.K. Rowling has said that the school is somewhere in Uganda.

Pause for a moment to catch your breath.

As for Ilvermorny… All of you eagle-eyed fans had an inkling that word was going to mean something special, and Pottermore will bring you more writing by J.K. Rowling on this magical school soon.

Follow the links to read all about Castelobruxo, Mahoutokoro and Uagadou and happy reading, everyone.

And with Sorting back, the Pottermore booth at the expo has been packed with fans looking to discover their Hogwarts house. It’s also home to a rather special map, showing the locations of all the schools we know about (so far).

Pottermore booth at Celebration of Harry Potter 2016

If you’re at the Celebration this year, come and visit us to check out our wizarding schools map for yourself. You just have to scan the map using the app Blippar* to read more about each school.

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