House pride meets Quidditch with these exciting new wizarding world-inspired shoes …

The Harry Potter x K-Swiss Back to Hogwarts Footwear collection will be available from the 31st July, and is the result of the exciting collaboration between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and K-Swiss, which recently brought you the limited edition Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt Hypercourt Express 2. The shoe took inspiration in its design from the broom Harry received during his third year at Hogwarts.

We loved that Quidditch theme, and the new Back to Hogwarts collection builds on that by combining two of our very favourite aspects of the wizarding world: the Hogwarts houses and Quidditch! There are two distinct ranges of Harry Potter-inspired shoes to choose from within the Back to Hogwarts collection, so let’s soar in and take a look:

Four distinct Hogwarts House-inspired designs

Different houses mean different personalities, and this is beautifully reflected by the collection featuring each house-inspired design on a different K-Swiss silhouette.

kswiss-back-to-hogwarts-footwear-gryffindor-classic 2000-shoe-image

Gryffindor inspired shoe in the Classic 2000


Hufflepuff inspired shoe in the CR-Terrati


Ravenclaw inspired shoe in the Caprina


Slytherin inspired shoe in the GSTAAD ’86

So, whether you’re a brave Gryffindor, a loyal Hufflepuff, a wise Ravenclaw or an ambitious Slytherin, this Harry Potter x K-Swiss collection has a shoe sole-mate for you! Still need to find out which Hogwarts house you belong to? Take our Sorting Ceremony here.

Re-imagined house Quidditch designs

There’s one competition at Hogwarts that really gets the house spirit going, and that’s the Quidditch House Cup. The second group of designs in the collection all feature on the K-Swiss Court Pro II sneaker, reimagined with the Hogwarts house colours and crests. But that’s not all! These sneakers all hero the magical game of Quidditch too, by boasting burnished leather and ribbed mesh that allude to the uniforms and equipment worn by Quidditch players.


Gryffindor Court Pro II sneaker


Hufflepuff Court Pro II sneaker


Ravenclaw Court Pro II sneaker


Slytherin Court Pro II sneaker

The Harry Potter x K-Swiss Firebolt Hypercourt Express 2 was a Harry Potter Fan Club exclusive, so we hope you managed to catch one of those limited edition pairs, and you can now add to your Quidditch-inspired collection with this new Back to Hogwarts footwear! The shoes will be available for Gold members in the US to buy in the Wizarding World shop, where they can also enjoy a 20% saving off the purchase price.*


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So, when and where can you find the Harry Potter x K-Swiss Back to Hogwarts collection? It will be available to buy from the 31st July at the Wizarding World shop (for Harry Potter Fan Club members in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia), as well as,, Mason Companies, Off Broadway and Shoe Show.

*Offer subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.