Our friends at The LEGO® Group always bring a touch of magic to Back to Hogwarts season – and this year was no different. Take a look at all the ways the Wizarding World became transformed by LEGO® bricks this time around!

Those clever little colourful bricks that can turn into so many things were infused with the magic of the Wizarding World this past September weekend. Here’s how The LEGO® Group cast a spell on Harry Potter fans for Back to Hogwarts Day and beyond.

At King’s Cross Station


If you were one of the lucky individuals who got to visit King’s Cross Station across the 1st September weekend, you will have spotted many surprises along the way.

The station was awash with Harry Potter magic, including a LEGO® Lord Voldemort, a cute LEGO® Dobby and some incredible moving trunks.


One notable trunk (created by a LEGO® Master Builder) had the magical ability to open and produce LEGO® prizes for the King’s Cross visitors! We only wish our own luggage at home was quite so prolific.

For those who sadly didn’t get the chance to go to King’s Cross, we have a handy catch-up of all the action!

And if you’re interested in how the Hogwarts™ Magical Trunk came together, check out our handy timelapse to see how the magic happens.

LEGO® x Back to Hogwarts products in 2023

The imagination of The LEGO® Group and the Wizarding World knows no bounds, so it’s been a joy to see the two forces come together for some brilliant new product additions this year – here’s some highlights.

Gringotts™ Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition


The newest LEGO® set is an epic one, you can bank on that! Yes, LEGO® are celebrating the treasures of Gringotts with their latest release, available now. The grand white bank contains an opulent foyer and mezzanine floor, complete with a Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon perfectly created with fiery details.

You can take a look at the set here.

Hogwarts™ Castle and Grounds


It is always a magnificent moment seeing Hogwarts castle in its full glory, and the same can be said for this spellbinding set. At an impressive 2600 pieces, do you have what it takes to be a Hogwarts architect and build this yourself?

See more here!

Why not visit LEGO®’s Back to Hogwarts page to see what else The LEGO® Group are up to?

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