Look, we hate to send a Howler to people, honestly, but sometimes needs must. Check out what happened when Harry Potter aficionados Jake Lovelady and Adriana Redding received our slightly loud invitation to host our Back to Hogwarts showcase!

Unless you’ve had Muffliato cast on you recently, you may have heard that we’re getting ready to celebrate Back to Hogwarts day on the 1st September. And to help us out, we’ve found two bona fide Wizarding World experts to help us make some special start-of-term announcements, Dumbledore style. Take a look.

Yes, Jake Lovelady, a Harry Potter content creator, and Adriana Redding, fresh from her victory on quiz show Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses, have officially been summoned as your friendly hosts for our usual showcase, where we look at all the exciting Harry Potter goodness of 2023. Jake and Adriana will be announcing a few bits and pieces, while looking back at some things you might’ve missed going on in the Wizarding World this year.

So, a huge thank you to Jake and Adriana for agreeing to be our gracious hosts. You’ll be able to live-stream their start-of-term announcements on 1st September at 6pm BST / 1pm ET on our official YouTube.

For the meantime, why not have a browse of our Back to Hogwarts hub to get yourself ready for the big day? From a Harry Potter watch-a-long party to a special countdown at London’s King’s Cross Station, let’s make this celebration our most magical one yet.