A new feature has now been added to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, where players will have access to secret customisable rooms. The team behind the game have also been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with some fun activations to check out.

Clubs Secret Rooms

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an interior designer in your spare time? Channel that energy into this new feature where you can decorate and furnish with exclusive decorations earned through events and challenges. All three clubs have access to the rooms, which can be customized with a number of cute accessories, such as spellbooks, squishy armchairs or mysterious artefacts. The feature is available in your game right now!

20th anniversary celebrations

This year, we are celebrating 20 years of movie magic, as the first Harry Potter film celebrates a huge milestone. As you’ll have spotted, we’re looking deeper at 20 memorable moments from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that really stood out. One of those moments is the London Zoo scene where Harry encounters a rather talkative snake. To commemorate this particular sequence, the makers of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery have put together this charming guide on magical creatures in the wizarding world, and how they resemble animals in our regular old Muggle world. Educate yourself!

Watch out for new (spooky) surprises to come...

Keep an eye out for more goodies coming to the game very soon, as the nights draw in and we get ready for Hallowe’en. You can count on some spooky features to be added to the game to get in the mood!

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