Congratulations to our friends at Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - who have won their first Webby award for Best Action & Adventure game for their Beyond Hogwarts expansion. And what better way to celebrate than with a mischievous appearance from the Phelps twins (AKA the Weasley twins)?

Mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has won a top prize at this year's Webby Awards - and you can catch all the celebrations right here!

Yes, that is indeed James and Oliver Phelps (AKA Fred and George Weasley) accepting the award on Jam City and the whole Hogwarts Mystery team's behalf. And the fun thing about accepting a Webby Award is that the acceptance speeches only need to be five words long. Have a look at what Jam City came up with!

Check out the brothers talking about some of their favourite digital trends - we wonder what on earth Fred and George would do if they had social media!

The award comes just after the mobile game celebrated its six year anniversary - where the game developers reminisced on how far the game had come - and continue to look to the future. After all, players of the game can now go Beyond Hogwarts.

So the future is looking bright for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Follow the game on Instagram (if you're old enough) and their other social channels to be one of the first to see the exciting updates coming to the game soon! Thank YOU all for voting!

Ooh, and did you hear that we, here at Wizarding World also picked up a Social Media Webby? Well, we wouldn't want to blow our own trumpet too much... but thank you very much for voting for us too!

Congratulations to everybody involved and stay tuned for future updates from one of our favourite games.

Learn more about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery at the official site.