Uncover new secrets about Hogwarts Legacy with this helpful and colourful official game guide published by Scholastic, available now!

In this official game guide published by Scholastic, players will learn everything they need to know to play Hogwarts Legacy in the best way. Discover exclusive information about brand-new characters and locations found in the game, plus unlock hidden secrets and other tips for completing the game’s various quests.

Here’s a quick look inside the book so you can see what you can expect. Or pick up the book for yourself here.


The game’s character maker is richly detailed, so you can create your perfect Hogwarts persona, perhaps one you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. The game guide can show you a couple of options to choose from, and offers a few helpful tips that could become handy for later.


This game is all about YOUR Hogwarts Legacy, but the game also introduces you to fellow classmates living their own Hogwarts lives. Here’s a page on just a few of the characters you’ll meet.


Hogwarts Legacy is so full of fascinating little details, you may blink and risk missing some. We especially enjoy this page from the game guide that lays out some of the pages of the Wizard’s Field Guide, which will be absolutely instrumental to you during your gameplay experience. So here is a guide to... the guide, effectively!


All Hogwarts students need to unwind – and where better to do that than Hogsmeade? These pages lay out all the shops and pubs you can visit, whether you require some plant seeds or fancy a change of clothing.

This official game guide is a must-have for any gamer and Wizarding World fan.

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