How about a Hogwarts-inspired makeover? Enjoy this brand new bath and make-up collection celebrating everything from Hogwarts house themed bath bombs to Pygmy Puff blush!

Update (8th July): Please be aware that some of the Ulta products are currently sold out online.

While we’ll never be a Metamorphmagus, this brilliant new collection, created by Ulta Beauty, invites you to magically transform yourself with Wizarding World themed cosmetics, nail and skincare products, along with bath and body accessories.

Inspired by the stories of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, the collection features everything from bath bombs, body lotions and beauty masks, with some magical surprises woven in.

The collection caught the imagination of Harry Potter and beauty fans alike, calling it 'every Harry Potter fans' dream', with others saying, 'the line truly has it all'. dubbed it 'more exciting than a trip to Hogsmeade!', while praised the collection for its 'ultimate nostalgia' feel, promising the range would 'add a little Lumos to your life'.

Here’s a first glance at the whole Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection, available from their official website now for US-based fans.

Harry Potter Bath Bombs


Themed by the four Hogwarts houses, these bath bombs are no ordinary ones. Upon hitting the water, expect the bomb to transform your bath into a celebration of your favourite Hogwarts house colour.

Harry Potter Bewitching PH Balm


Infused with coconut oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Leaf Extract, these magical lip balms react to your skin’s PH levels and create the perfect colour shade to compliment your tone.

Harry Potter Body Lotion


Again, themed around the Hogwarts houses, these body lotions are individually flavoured to match your house traits. Gryffindor’s lotion is flavoured with the bold scent of blackberries, Slytherin’s lotion smells like soothing rain drops, Hufflepuff’s scent has floral notes, and Ravenclaw’s is flavoured with cucumbers.

Harry Potter Cosmetic bag


Of course, you’ll need something to put all your new products in, and these cosmetic bags come adorned with your Hogwarts house traits.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Brush Kit


Themed around the Deathly Hallows, the most powerful objects in the wizarding world, these brushes will certainly help you become the Master of Make-up!

Hogwarts house themed eye shadow palettes


Next up, these eye shadow palettes, with different wizarding world colour schemes. After all, why have boring old brown eye shadow when you can now have Chocolate Frog brown matte?

Each set is once again coloured around your Hogwarts house, with Gryffindor championing strong autumnal shades, Hufflepuffs boasting golds and rust-coloured tones, Ravenclaws shimmering with baby blues and silver glitter, and Slytherins celebrating shades of sage greens and silver shimmer.

For those who aren’t so sure where they belong, you could always get all four palettes, boxed up in this special ‘vault’.

Harry Potter house nail polish strips


Get your Hogwarts house inspired nails on, with these polish strips that dry in no time at all. Magic.

House pride hair set


Embrace your inner 90s kid with these hair ribbons and velvet scrunchies, themed around Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

Harry Potter lip gloss


No Scourgify spells required here; this lip gloss will leave you sparkling.

Lumos Face and body shimmer drops


Inspired by the illuminating charm, Lumos, these shimmer drops will help give your skin some extra sparkle.

Harry Potter lip crayons


This lightweight pigmented lipstick has a natural matte finish, so you can rock up to your Harry Potter parties looking extra slick.

Pygmy Puff blush


The Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection’s Jelly Blush set is inspired by the adorably colourful magical creatures, Pygmy Puffs! Well, you wouldn’t want a beauty-set looking like a Blast-Ended Skrewt, would you?

Quidditch sheet face masks


Finally, hydrate your face with these Quidditch-themed masks, with each Hogwarts house represented accordingly. Gryffindor masks come infused with bamboo charcoal, Slytherins with Aloe Vera juice, Hufflepuffs with lime juice, and Ravenclaws come with a touch of pomegranate. Just what you need after a stressful match!

If you're based in the US, you can peruse the entire Harry Potter x Ulta Beauty collection at the official website. The range is also available from Ulta Beauty stores from 26 July.