Ooh, what a nice surprise. Today, we can reveal that Wizards Unite will be officially available for download this Friday in the UK and US. Here’s a breakdown of the new trailer for the game – and the havoc about to be caused by the Calamity...

Rogue Nifflers, Death Eaters set loose near ice cream vans, and Dementors descending from the skies: these are just a few of the strange magical occurrences cropping up in the new trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Take a look at this new trailer that was released at Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday.

Yes, the new Augmented Reality game (a collaboration between WB Games and Niantic under the Portkey Games label) will invite players to assume wizarding identities and help the Ministry of Magic contain a mysterious ‘Calamity’; a phenomenon that sees iconic beasts, magical artefacts and wizarding world characters appearing in the Muggle world. This will involve casting spells, brewing potions, using Portkeys and so much more.

The trailer shows three teens trying to control the ensuing chaos, using their phones to contain some of it. We also see them travel via Portkeys (an old, scruffy boot, naturally) and even rescue someone who looks very much like Harry Potter himself. But what would 'Harry' be doing in our world, in our time?

Naturally, wizarding world easter eggs are scattered throughout the video – and here’s a few interesting snippets we spotted.

The Niffler making headline news as a platypus

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players are required to work for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force; a branch of the Ministry of Magic. In the trailer, one such recruit is keeping tabs on all the rogue magical occurrences (named ‘Foundables’) and the headlines they are making in Muggle news outlets.

Wizards Unite - Niffler spotted

One amusing moment sees that a Niffler has been adorably mistaken as an ‘escaped platypus’ spotted in a coin machine. Oh, if only the Muggles knew...

A certain pink umbrella

The trailer portrays how the game will fuse our reality with the wizarding world – with smartphones becoming wands. And when a wand isn’t to hand – not to worry – a very familiar pink umbrella also crops up in the trailer with mysterious magical qualities.

Wizards Unite - pink umbrella

No clues on who that might belong to – because it would be a giant clue if we did.

Snitches, brooms and Cornish pixies

While the Muggle world appears to be teeming with larger threats, such as Death Eaters (more on those in a moment), we also see smaller oddities, such as Snitches flying in the air, independently flying broomsticks, and even Cornish Pixies causing their usual mayhem. It seems no matter how big or small – everything we know so well from the wizarding world could theoretically crop up in this game.

Wizards Unite - pixies

The Daily Prophet

A group of friends casually read The Daily Prophet – the British wizarding newspaper – with its panicky headline that magic is appearing in the Muggle world. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that the main image from the newspaper is the clock-like device from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which detects magical exposure threat levels. Unsurprisingly, the device is set to ‘severe’.

Dementors, Death Eaters and werewolves

A lot of the trailer’s focus is on some of the more dangerous characters and creatures that have escaped from the wizarding world; namely, Death Eaters, Dementors and werewolves. Oh my. The Death Eaters are once again equipped with their unmistakable masks (as seen in the Harry Potter films) and the Dementors cause their surroundings to become encased in frost, just like we remember them.

Wizards Unite - death eater

Familiar spells

In the game, you’ll get to cast some of the spells we know and love from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts to help tackle the Foundables before they can be returned to the wizarding world. In the trailer, our main recruit obviously has to cast Expecto Patronum for the Dementors – and we also see the counter-spell Finite being cast on those pesky Cornish Pixies.

An iconic pair of glasses

At the end of the trailer, we’re greeted with a very familiar pair of glasses and a Harry-esque figure about to receive the Dementor’s Kiss. Could it be...? We’ll have to wait ‘til Friday to find out.

Wizards Unite - glasses

To learn more about gameplay, check out our handy guide here or check out the Wizards Unite official website.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be available to download for US and UK-based fans on Google Play, App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. Look out for more details this Friday.

Good luck, new Task Force members!