Wizards Unite, the mobile game coming later this year, have unveiled their latest teaser – showing all manner of magical things that have been let loose in our Muggle world. Take a look.

The new teaser for the upcoming mobile game, which uses augmented reality to transform your world into a wizarding one through your phone, shows us more of the main story of the game, featuring the ‘Calamity’; the mysterious threat that is causing all sorts of strangeness in our regular, Muggle world – and some blink-and-you’ll-miss them easter eggs from the wizarding world.

This latest video (which documents the magical occurrences that are suddenly appearing in our world) reveals new unexpected visitors; such as Death Eaters turning up on a football pitch, a Monster Book of Monsters let loose in a Mexican shop - and some adorable kittens playing with a Snitch. There are also an assortment of easter eggs to spot, which give us an indicator into some of the deeper plot of Wizards Unite’s story, such as a mysterious SOS (the Statute of Secrecy Task Force) memo from ‘Hermione’ (our Hermione, surely?) and newspaper clippings, teasing a group of missing wizards called the ‘London Five’.

And, of course, all of these strange magical manifestations have also made our Muggle news. At one point, we even see a Vogue front cover reporting on the Sorting Hat – not your usual fashion trend.

And what does all this mean? Well, the mystery must be unsolved by you. As a player in the game, you’ll work for the Ministry of Magic’s SOS Task Force and will need to work together with fellow players to return the traces of magic back to their own world – and discover how the Calamity came about in the first place. You can learn more about the gameplay right here.

Wizards Unite has been created by Pokémon Go creators Niantic and Warner Bros. Interactive Games as part of the new label Portkey Games, bringing you many different Wizarding World inspired games to put you at the centre of your own adventure.

Wizards Unite will launch later this year – check the official website for more details.