The touring exhibition devoted to the cinematic world of Harry Potter extends its run – where will it go next?

Where can you find the Gryffindor common room and dormitory, Potions and Herbology classrooms, the Forbidden Forest, and many more film-inspired locations, filled with thousands of authentic props, costumes, and creatures used in the filming of the iconic Harry Potter series?

Harry Potter: The Exhibition, of course. The tour premiered in Chicago in 2009, and now the global tour has been extended again to run until spring 2020.

Experienced by more than 3.5 million fans already, Harry Potter: The Exhibition recently made its debut in Shanghai, attended by none other than the Weasley twins – actors James and Oliver Phelps.

HP exhibition James and Oliver Phelps

Robin Stapley, from GES Entertainment, said: ‘We are thrilled to extend the exhibition’s tour… Harry Potter: The Exhibition has excited fans for the past seven years and we are so pleased to continue the magic.’

As well as the beautiful environments and displays, the exhibition features several interactive elements. Guests can enter the Quidditch area and toss a Quaffle, pull their own Mandrake in the Herbology classroom (proving that Professor Sprout taught us all a thing or two), and even tour Hagrid’s hut and sit in his giant-sized armchair.