The No.1 top grossing mobile game in China Mainland will be launching in more countries across the world this year. Enjoy some exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and a small teaser of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and more info on its big rollout!

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Inc. today announced that the immersive collectible card wizarding duelling game, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, is set for a worldwide launch in 2022.

The game, which is also distinct for its unique art style, massively multiplayer and immersive role-playing elements, allows players to master their magic in their own illustrious wizarding journey. The game has been a huge hit across China Mainland, and now – it could be coming to your territory. Players in the Americas, Europe and Oceania are invited to pre-register on the game’s official website at or Google Play to receive exclusive rewards once the title is released. Players can unlock additional rewards including in-game currency, cosmetic items and a Niffler card after surpassing each pre-registration tier.

While you wait to learn when the game will be coming to you, watch our behind-the-scenes developer’s diary showcasing their process in creating this immersive collectible card game and its multiplayer wizarding experience.

You can also take a look at this teaser of the game right here.

In the game, you’ll play as a young witch or wizard starting your new education at – where else? – Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Fans will be able to customise their character accordingly and enjoy the many facets of wizarding world life, such as discovering your Hogwarts house, perusing supplies in Diagon Alley, learning spells that can be cast in the form of cards – and taking part in Duelling Club. There will also be an intriguing story running through the game as you accumulate magical knowledge – so expect to meet a few familiar characters – and some exciting new ones along the way.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is one of many titles that sits under the Portkey Games label, which is dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video game experiences that place the player at the centre of their own adventure, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s original stories. You can learn more about Portkey Games here.