An exclusive first look at adorable new drawings of Harry Potter characters, coming soon to licensed products in Japan.

We can’t get over these charming designs, which will soon feature on licensed products in Japan and will then head to the rest of the world at the end of the year.

These new illustrations are the latest ‘kawaii’ style designs from Warner Bros., giving much-beloved Harry Potter characters an adorable makeover. The style is simplified, without losing any of the character. And we love that Malfoy still has his scowl.

Harry Potter kawaii hand drawn

As you may know, kawaii is the Japanese word for cute. Typically, this style makes a character or object even more lovable than its original form. Hedwig fans, stand down – we know she’s cute no matter what.

You may have spotted the first wave of Warner Bros.’ kawaii designs when they were announced last month. The first wave features 13 different character designs, which now adorn folders, badges and key chains, but they stay exclusive to Japan for the time being. Sorry.

Harry Potter kawaii designs draft

But Japan doesn't get to have all the fun. Funko has created new Mystery Mini vinyl figures of Harry Potter characters, landing in the UK and US this July. These toys are true to their name; they come as ‘blind boxes’ – sealed so that you don’t what you’re getting until you open the box.

Harry Potter mystery minis render

Suffice to say, we’ve cleared all of our shelves while we impatiently wait. Especially for that teeny tiny Crookshanks.