Are you a whizz in the kitchen looking for a new magical challenge? This new upcoming Harry Potter baking book has some delicious ideas for you to whip up with the family.

Harry Potter: Bake, Create, and Decorate: 30+ Sweets and Treats is coming soon from Scholastic in July 2024, and it's guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Following on from New York Times bestsellers The Official Harry Potter Baking Book and The Official Harry Potter Cookbook, this new selection of recipes, dedicated to wizarding world inspired sweet treats, should provide some spellbinding cheer for your baking days.


From delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other decorative desserts inspired by the Harry Potter films, this new upcoming book from Scholastic is perfect for people who love wizards - and are also self-confessed sweet-tooths!

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This official dessert book invites people of all ages to try out these candied concoctions, with friendly instructions and full-colour photography to help guide bakers along the way. Recipes include Acromantula cupcakes (don't tell Aragog!), house crest cookies and even a cake with Knight Bus-style frosting.

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Each design in the book can be created using simple shop-bought cake or cookies mixes, or if preferred, guides on how to make basic cakes, cookies, and frostings from scratch are included in the back of the book too.

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So grab your cauldrons (sorry, we mean mixing bowls) and get ready for a baking book with a sprinkle of magic.

You can pre-order Harry Potter: Bake, Create, and Decorate: 30+ Sweets and Treats right here.