Whether you prefer Deathly Hallows dungarees or some Daily Prophet pyjamas, here’s our guide on how to celebrate Harry Potter with some fashion-forward twists.

Unique Vintage


For those who love a retro look, these brand new Wizarding World-themed looks from Unique Vintage might just be the perfect thing. These outfits, inspired by 1950s silhouettes and prints, feature subtle Harry Potter symbols in their designs, such as a Golden Snitch swing dress or a Patronus Print Dahlia Midi Dress. There are also jumpers, blouses, skirts and accessories to explore from the collection.

Hot Topic


The US-based fashion brand has a huge Harry Potter range to browse through, from Deathly Hallows backpacks to Marauder’s Map kimonos, and they recently added a Hogwarts house-themed selection to celebrate Back to Hogwarts 2020. Get cosy in these new Hogwarts robe-esque hoodies, emblazoned with your house crest of choice, or adorn yourself in your house colours with these chequered skirt-alls. All to be found on the official Hot Topic website.

BlackMilk Clothing


Earlier this August, BlackMilk Clothing released a new Hogwarts range, specifically inspired by the school of witchcraft and wizardry’s iconography. The brand, known for creating unique spins on Harry Potter with their designs, have fully enveloped the Hogwarts school uniform in their latest release, looking at blazers, skirts and shorts.

Pottery Barn Teen


You can even represent the Wizarding World while lounging in your house! These extremely cosy pyjama-sets from Pottery Barn Teen come in all sorts of styles, from an ethereal Patronus design to a striking Daily Prophet newspaper motif. Visit Pottery Barn Teen’s website (available for US fans only) to discover your favourite set.



BoxLunch, who specialise in pop culture inspired gifts, have recently launched this fun Quidditch-themed range for lovers of the magical sport. From apparel, bags and accessories, hurry to BoxLunch’s official website to take a look at the whole range, quicker than a Quaffle!