The Natural History Museum has partnered with Warner Bros. for ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature’ exhibition, opening Spring 2020, with early access and 10% discount to tickets for Gold subscribers available now.

Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature, is coming soon to the Natural History Museum in London. It explores how the real and wizarding world intertwine: how the wonders of the natural world have inspired myths, legends and magical creatures for generations. Visitors will see creatures, specimens and historic objects from the museum’s world-famous scientific collection, alongside some of our favourite fantastic beasts. Yes, this could indeed include a Niffler.

All manner of wonderful real-world creatures will be featured, from tigers to marine iguanas, and very special exhibits – including the giant oarfish, the world’s longest bony fish. Visitors can channel their inner-Magizoologists on their visit, as they learn the tools and techniques used by Newt as well as real-world scientists and explorers.

Digital installations and props from the films will bring the magic to life. You’ll be able to compare the camouflage tactics of an octopus with the Demiguise, examine the appearance of prehistoric reptiles alongside dragons from the wizarding world, and learn of the mating rituals of the peacock spider, contrasted with the habits of the great Erumpent.

Even better, if you are a member of Wizarding World Gold, you can get 2-day early access to buy tickets for the exhibition, with early access tickets available from 14 January - today!

In addition, Gold subscribers will receive a special 10% discount on tickets purchased on 14 January.*

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And then there's the accompanying BBC One documentary special which is in the works, too, with the working title, Fantastic Beasts: A Natural History. This collaboration between Warner Bros. and the BBC’s Natural History Unit will be presented by none other than Stephen Fry, whose narration of the Harry Potter stories for the UK audiobooks is widely loved by fans old and new.

In a time when looking after our planet and protecting its biodiversity is more important than ever, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature will inspire Wizarding World fans and nature-lovers alike to learn more about our environment, with the help of some fantastic beasts, be them real or imagined.

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