The first Fantastic Beasts trailer is here. Read on for our ultimate trailer breakdown.

Is everyone sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

FB trailer grab 1

After a sombre-sounding thud, there’s a voice in the darkness whispering: ‘Lumos Maxima’. It’s Newt’s voice, but where on earth could he be that he needs such a bright light?

Lumos Maxima

‘Lumos Maxima’ again, and suddenly the spell bursts onto the screen in jets of silvery-blue. We are definitely back in the wizarding world.

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Oh gosh this looks ominous. Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) is carrying Newt’s suitcase into a grand, Gothic hall full of important-looking witches and wizards. What is this place and why does she look so nervous? Come to think of it, why does she have Newt’s case?

We can just make out a rather important badge of office to the back of the hall. Is it just us or do we only ever see that many wizards gathered in one place for Quidditch or disciplinary hearings? There is no middle ground.

FB trailer grab 4

‘Yesterday a wizard entered New York with a case…’

We have an inkling which wizard you mean. This takes guts, Ms Goldstein – that’s quite a crowd to play to. And what does that symbol on the floor mean? A figure in front of Tina, with a rather unique headdress, stands silent. Who could it be?

FB trailer grab 5

In front of the majestic seal of the Magical Congress of the United States of America stands Seraphina, played by Carmen Ejogo. Which makes us wonder how she fits into the story.

This is the first time we’ve seen the MACUSA emblem in full and it does not disappoint: a proud phoenix rising from golden flames; the stars and stripes – it just screams American wizardry. Incidentally, we count 48 stars, fact fans – nice detail.

FB trailer grab 6

‘A case full of magical creatures…’

Outside The Woolworth Building. The location of MACUSA headquarters – concealed from all these No-Majs, of course.

FB trailer grab 7

Does that grey suited-arm belong to Tina? Or does someone else have Newt’s case? Take care of your things, Scamander!

FB trailer grab 8W

‘…and unfortunately some have escaped…’

You don’t say. Percival Graves (Colin Farrell) surveys the scene. A first look at Farrell in costume as the powerful MACUSA Auror.

FB trailer grab 9

That was a roar? What just roared? And screeched? Definitely heard a screech there.

FB trailer grab 10

‘It was open?’

FB trailer grab 11

‘Just a smidge.’ Classic J.K. Rowling.

Where are we? Newt’s New York digs? Very modest accommodations for the travelling Magizoologist.

FB trailer grab 12

‘Mr Scamander!’ Tina screams as Newt casts a spell in the open, on the streets of New York City. We know that the American wizarding community is even more underground than its British equivalent, so this is a bold move. Why would he take such a risk?

Jacob (Dan Fogler) is behind Newt, carrying the case. Again, Newt? You need to watch that thing.

FB trailer grab 13

It all ends with what sounds like a few bars of Hedwig’s Theme but not like we’ve ever heard before. Lumos flippin’ Maxima!

There you have it, our first look at the world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We’ll have even more to reveal to you all in the coming months.