The first-ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan event takes place at White River State Park in Indianapolis on Labor Day weekend, 31 August and 1 September.

Wizards unite! You are cordially invited to make your way to Indianapolis for the world’s first Wizards Unite fan festival. For those familiar with the mobile game, it transpires that Indianapolis is the centre of a global surge in Calamity-related incidents. Magical folk, a.k.a. you, the players, are being recruited to join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to bring the unprecedented outbreak under control in White River State Park.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival Dragons

Why exactly is this location such a big deal? In a word: dragons. The Calamity (a disastrous spell that has stolen and displaced everything that anyone has ever feared, revered, or held dear in the wizarding world – people, creatures, precious artifacts, even memories – all across the world) has taken dragons and distributed them across the park. Clearly a threat to the Statute of Secrecy, the Ministry needs its recruits to help to return them back to the wizarding world, where they belong. They range from the relatively manageable to the pretty lethal, so you’ll need to be on your toes, take some deep breaths and have your dragon-handling skills at the ready.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival Greenhouse

The Threat Clock will be giving the state of emergency level in the park with some special assignments in the offing when it hits certain points – keep your eyes peeled, who knows what will happen! Players will be able to plant themselves at the Greenhouse if they need a rest and recharge (or their phones do.) You’ll also be able to test your knowledge of Herbology, potions and more for a chance to win prizes.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival Lounges

Look out for the Landmark Flags around the site to navigate yourself around registry specific Foundables, creatures and artefacts that might pop up along the way – but watch out for the Acromantula eggs! Trust us on this one.

And don’t let the dragons near them either.

Tickets can be purchased for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan festival within the app, available from all app stores.