From party packs to a very special lesson hosted by Evanna Lynch, here’s how our friends at Bloomsbury are celebrating the first-ever Harry Potter Book Day, and how you can too!

What is Harry Potter Book Day?

Formerly known as Harry Potter Book Night, Harry Potter Book Day has rebranded to ensure that, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can celebrate any time of the day, or night, that suits you.] Despite the slight name change, the vibe is the same. Whether you’re a bookshop, library, school or simply celebrating at home with your friends and family, this is your opportunity to embrace the magic of reading with those Harry Potter fans in your life. We all have our favourite Harry Potter reading memory (do you remember where you were when you finished the final book?) and now you can make new ones.

When is Harry Potter Book Day and what is the theme?

Harry Potter Book Day takes place on the 12th October. whatever time zone you find yourself in. Not long to wait now! Remember, though, that you can celebrate on any day that suits you after the 12th October too!

Every year, Harry Potter Book Day comes with a theme every year, so you can cater your parties and events accordingly! This year, it’s MAGICAL PLACES: think Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, the Ministry of Magic... or of course, the ultimate magical place: Hogwarts itself. When planning your celebrations, see if you can bring your favourite wizarding world location to life as part of the fun.

Now, we’re not asking you to build an entire castle from scratch or anything... but we’ll leave that up to you.

How can I get involved?

In many ways! There’s an event kit you can download, full of party ideas and if you are an educator there is a magical free lesson hosted by Evanna Lynch perfact to share in the classroom.

Where can I watch Evanna Lynch’s Harry Potter Book Day lesson?

Right here!

Where can I find my local Harry Potter Book Day celebration?

Bloomsbury have put together this handy event map, where you can explore Harry Potter Book Day events from all over the world – you can even submit your own event. Scroll and zoom away to find something local to you.

Happy party planning! Let’s make this the best Harry Potter Book Day ever, okay? No pressure.