We’re nearly here! Yes, it truly is a matter of days now until the launch of Hogwarts Legacy – and this final trailer has loads of juicy new details to keep us on our toes until then. Fancy one last deep-dive with us?

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The Wizard's Field Guide

At the start of the trailer, we are told: “In light of your unique situation, joining us as a fifth year, we’ve devised something extraordinary to ensure your success” before the main character is shown an enchanted book, which we gather to be the Wizard's Field Guide. We’ve seen this helpful tome pop up before in various showcases. This guide is said to assist us during gameplay, so we can catch up on our magical education without falling too far behind. After all, our character is special, as we learn more about as the trailer progresses.


The Herbology greenhouses and Mandrakes

We get another look at the red-haired Herbology professor, Mirabel Garlick (incredible name) alongside a glimpse of the classmates pulling Mandrakes – a magical plant we all got to know very well in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And that’s not all for Hogwarts lessons.

Closer looks at other Hogwarts classes and professors, such as Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts

It's not just Herbology we see in the trailer – another professor appears to be conjuring a mystical unicorn (is this Care of Magical Creatures?) and we also see another professor perform a Transfiguration-esque spell, creating a butterfly. There is another mention of the elusive Professor Weasley too, who we are very interested to know more from – is she Ron’s great (great…great?) grandmother maybe?

Our character will have more to do than just Hogwarts lessons

Another ominous statement tells us that our character has been given “instruction outside of the ordinary curriculum” – meaning we will have some work to do outside of our normal lessons. And, spoiler alert: it’s obviously going to be dangerous.


Is that an ancestor of Garrick Ollivander?

We know that Ollivander’s wand shop is a family-run business which has been creating and providing wands for young wizards since 382 BC. So, that must be a lot of Ollivanders! In one shot of the trailer, we see an elderly wizard (with an interesting pin) provide our character with his wand – and we surely must assume it is an ancestor of Garrick from Harry Potter’s era.

We see the Vivarium in more detail

Wholesome gamers will be thrilled to see another glimpse at the Vivarium, an outdoor area where you can keep and nurture magical creatures. We’re also accompanied by a house-elf (we’ll guess this is Deek, who we’ve spotted in trailers before) as we enter our Vivarium, who will also help us out in our very own Room of Requirement.

Professor Fig takes us to mysterious new places

A wizened professor by the name of Fig appears to be a confidant of ours in the game and takes us to a strange-looking caved area in this trailer. We also hear a voiceover say that it has become clear how much our main character is spending away from the castle. We clearly have bigger fish to fry than doing our Hogwarts homework!


Rookwood seems interested in our character

We’ve encountered this shady gentleman with a top hat in teasers of the game before – and in this trailer – it seems he wants something from our main character. Rookwood is clearly bad news, and Harry Potter fans will recognise the last name as a Death Eater from Harry’s era.

The giant wizard statue continues to cause intrigue

Hogwarts Legacy has some gorgeously designed set pieces to look forward to, including this magnificent statue of a bearded wizard that seems to be significant to our story. Who do you think he is? A Hogwarts founder? Merlin? A legendary wizard we have yet to meet? It’s a pretty humungous statue, so he must be kind of a big deal!


“Whispers of ancient magic”

It has been teased before, but in this trailer, our character fully tells us that they have a rare ability to see whispers of ancient magic. This would explain why we’re being whisked off to do ‘extra-curricular’ activities and maybe even why we’ve started Hogwarts as a fifth year. Our character is clearly holding a big responsibility on their shoulders, a “powerful magic that should only be wielded by a select few”, apparently. So don’t get too cosy in your Hogwarts common room...

New mysterious, silvery foes

In one sequence, a giant silver warrior with a sword embarks in a violent battle. But who are they? What are they? Either way, we don’t want to get on the wrong side of them...

Dragon fighting

We all know dragons are not to be trifled with – and in this trailer, we see dragons actually being pitted against each other in an arena. There is also a close-up of a horned dragon, which is bringing out our inner Magizoologists trying to guess which breed it is. Is it another variation of a Hungarian Horntail? Or a Romanian Longhorn, perhaps? What do you think?

Other honourable mentions

Other things that caught our eye included a confrontation with Rookwood in Hogsmeade, animated suits of armour, a well-dressed troll, a distressed Hippogriff, more beautiful flight sequences, and generally, a lot of strange magic we want to know more about immediately! But only a few more days now before we get to discover our very own Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled to launch worldwide for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on February 10, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One will launch on April 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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