Here’s your chance to see Cursed Child in New York, with new tickets now on sale!

Have all your friends seen it? Did your colleague go last week and mention it more often than Malfoy mentions his father? Would you see yourself holding Cursed Child tickets in the Mirror of Erised? Perhaps you’ve left it up to Santa, and put them on your Christmas list?

Well, prepare yourselves because we’ve got some very exciting news...

New tickets are now available for Cursed Child in New York. So whether you’ve not seen Cursed Child yet or you are - quite understandably – desperate to go again, it’s your lucky day – no Felix Felicis required.

This astounding production, with so many awards it could rival the trophy room at Hogwarts, isn’t one you’ll want to miss. So don’t hang around like you’ve been on the wrong end of a Levicorpus jinx. Tickets available here.

If the West Coast is more convenient, no Apparition will be necessary. Tickets are also on sale for Cursed Child in San Francisco!