Draco Malfoy may not have been the most likeable character in the Harry Potter series, but Alex Price is thrilled to be playing his older-self in Cursed Child.

‘At the heart of any drama is story and conflict,’ actor Alex Price explains. And he should know. For Alex is currently playing Harry Potter’s former school enemy Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two at the Palace Theatre.

Complete with immaculate robes and long, luscious blond hair, and posing with his equally very blond on-stage son Anthony Boyle, Alex looks like he’s relishing the role of Draco, and chatted all about the emotional weight of the eighth story.

‘Despite the fact you’re in a world of wizards, and illusions and magic, the heart of it is relationships, predominantly between father and sons,’ he tells us.

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In the play, Draco is still very much a part of Harry’s life, while his son has made a best friend in young Albus, much to the chagrin of both dads.

‘It’s not just escapism,’ Alex affirmed. ‘It’s actually really important. Really important theatre.’

And we don’t take the words of Draco Malfoy lightly. Have a look at more of Alex’s Cursed Child thoughts in our video below.