If you’re a Harry Potter fan, perhaps at some point in your life you have donned a wizard hat or robe and pretended you’re off to Hogwarts. Well, now, you can really embrace your love for the Wizarding World with our new Portrait Maker in your WizardingWorld.com profile.

Strike a pose! We want to see you celebrating your love for the Wizarding World by creating a new magical avatar. Head over to Portrait Maker right now and create your own to share with friends.

So, how does it work?

Well, first things first, you will need to register with us. And it’s free! Sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club today, and you’ll be invited to create your own wizarding world identity! Start by getting sorted into your Hogwarts house, choosing a wand (or will it choose you?) and discovering your Patronus. And now, you can hang your very own portrait, depicting yourself in the wizarding world, in your profile too. Pop over to your profile, and you should see an empty frame just waiting to be filled in.

Create your avatar

On the Portrait Maker page, you will see a canvas and an automated avatar. Indeed, if you’re a bit stumped on what to create, you can just press our randomise button, and let the universe decide for you.

If you have a very specific vision (maybe you want your avatar to look exactly like you in real life – or maybe you have a magical makeover in mind?) you can toggle through our options, such as face shape, eye shape, hair, hair colours, facial accessories, nose types, lip types, facial details, facial hair, robes, scarves, frames, magical pets, backgrounds, etc. etc. – you get the picture.

Have a play around, and once you’re ready to save your portrait, simply click “complete portrait” at the bottom of the frame to see the final result.

Share your portrait

Voila! You should then be served up with your final piece, which will sit on the left hand side of your profile. From there, you can download it and share it – or you can simply edit it again. We all fancy a rebrand every now and then – so you’ll always have the opportunity to change up your look. We’re sure you’re going to look fantastic.

And if you fancy sharing your portrait – how about using the hashtag MyWizardingPortrait.

What next?

Perhaps you were playing around with our Portrait Maker and wished there was something to add. Never fear – we will be adding new additions to our Portrait Maker over the coming months. So keep checking WizardingWorld.com and we’ll tell you when we have some new accessories for you to experiment with.

I have some suggestions!

Good, we’d like to hear them! Email [email protected] to send in any ideas for our Portrait Maker that you would like to see in the future.

For now, enjoy posing for your portrait – and educate yourself on the magic of portraits in the wizarding world. They say a picture tells a thousand words – make sure to tell a fabulous story with yours.

Go to Portrait Maker now and create your best wizarding world self.