Two college communities will get the chance to attend some special #DiscoverHogwarts events coming soon, complete with photo opportunities, themed activities and product giveaways.

The University of Arizona and Ohio State University are soon to host two special events.

After all, on 1 September, this is the date Hogwarts students excitedly board the Hogwarts Express for a brand new term – with August being the month Harry would count down the days until he could return again.

To celebrate in the weeks before #BacktoHogwarts day, students and local fans can pop down to the two campuses and indulge in some Wizarding World festivities to show off their house pride, such as Hogwarts-themed photo ops from LEGO, Funko, Jelly Belly and Scholastic. The events promise to be loaded with a few nice wizarding surprises too.

So, if you fancy pottering along, here are the details.

The University of Arizona will be hosting their #DiscoverHogwarts event on 26-27 August, while Ohio State University’s event takes place 19 August.